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Top Six Best Digital Escape Rooms for Students in Education

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This article features the top six best digital escape rooms for students in education

Escape rooms require players to use critical thinking skills and teamwork to accomplish tasks and achieve their end goals. They can also teach core skills such as math, history, and science using thematic components related to myriad relevant subjects. Because of this, they’re an incredibly valuable tool for teaching students, but they aren’t always easy to bring into the classroom. After the pandemic, it has become really difficult to go out and enhance critical thinking skills. But like everything, here is an alternate to the escape room in other words “digital escape room”. This article features the top six best digital escape rooms for students in education.

Mr Awesome Breakout

Mr Awesome Breakout is a quick and quirky digital escape room challenge about a maths teacher that leaves clues after his arrest (his crime: being too good at maths!). The clues are laid out in one place so that you can simply scroll down as you go. The focus is on  calculating the surface area which can be very tricky for young ones but it’s not entirely necessary as most clues can be resolved by using your powers of deduction. Some clues involve spotting irregularities in text and this requires a keen eye and someone to take notes. It’s a bit of silly fun and you can learn about maths and try out some new skills along the way. It is one of the best digital escape rooms for students in education.

Crack the CODE

​Crack the CODE is a sure favorite among keen coders and is suitable for those with varied coding abilities, beginners, and advanced. The aim is to use the clues on the page to ‘crack the code’ and get back into your computer program after it’s been hacked by your enemy. It’s a digital escape room that includes the use of binary code, video clues, online puzzle pieces, and maths skills. it’s a single  webpage with several links to other clues, that open up in new tabs. Don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity, there’s more to this game than first meets the eye!

Decimals Addition & Subtraction Escape Room

Let your students practice with adding and subtracting decimals with this free virtual escape room! It’s great for students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. There is addition with regrouping and subtraction with borrowing in this escape room. There are 20 questions. A free student answer sheet and the teacher answers are in the Freebies Library  at It is one of the best digital escape rooms for students in education.

Decimals Multiplication Escape Room

Are your students in need of  more practice with decimal multiplication? This virtual escape room has them solving problems to discover the secret word at the end. There are free student answer sheets and a teacher answer key in the Freebies Library here at Mama Teaches for you to download. This escape room is best for students in 4-6th grades.

Decimals Place Value Escape Room

Before moving on to more complex math problems with decimals, make sure your students understand decimal place values. This escape room features 20 problems and asks students to identify place values from tenths to millionths. It’s a great practice and review for your upper elementary students. It is one of the best digital escape rooms for students in education.

Brain Chase

If you’re looking to expand your kids’ educational opportunities (while also entertaining them), choose Brain Chase. This educational K-12 platform offers virtual escape rooms every week as a part of its extracurricular programming. You can also participate in monthly virtual escape room competitions, where you can win $100. It is one of the best digital escape rooms for students in education.

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