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CoinDesk offers the list of Top Asian Universities for Blockchain 2021

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CoinDesk has announced the list of top Asian universities offering blockchain courses in 2021

This year’s top Asian universities for blockchain list has been announced by cryptocurrencies exchange CoinDesk. While Asian universities are at the top of the list, European universities are gaining ground. The top five Asian universities are the National University of Singapore, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the University of California Berkeley, the University of Zurich, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Due to its many blockchain research centers, regular blockchain-themed conferences, clubs, corporate collaborations, and master’s degree in digital financial technology, Singapore National University has risen to the top of the rankings. Last year’s sample size was reduced to solely US schools, but this year’s sample size was increased to 230 foreign schools. Cost, academic reputation, research output, campus blockchain offers like student organizations and research centers, courses, and job results are all included in the ranking.

National University of Singapore

This one of the best Blockchain courses will include a combination of recorded video lectures, live faculty interactions, and supervised learning sessions to enable participants to build new business applications leveraging blockchain technology. Through intensive case study discussions, group activities, individual assignments, and a final Capstone project, participants will put what they’ve learned into practice.

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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Blockchain is a distributed ledger system that allows data to be disseminated and validated by many people. Blockchain cannot be tampered with and offers perfect traceability due to its lack of central control. The Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business from the university will provide you with the ability to put your knowledge into practice and build a blockchain strategy that can be applied inside your company. Develop the ability to talk confidently about blockchain and successfully explain its importance to stakeholders. Other blockchain courses are designing blockchain solutions, developing blockchain strategies, developing blockchain applications.

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University of California, Berkeley

This course, developed by Blockchain at Berkeley and academics from UC Berkeley’s leading Computer Science department, covers a wide range of subjects related to and expanding upon the basis of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. There are some other courses available here like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies edX, Blockchain Fundamentals Decal, Blockchain Developers Decal.

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University of Zurich

The UZH Blockchain Center began operations in 2017 and was designated as a Competence Center in 2019. It has since organized a variety of intellectual, educational, and industry-related events. As a result, it became Switzerland’s largest and most active academic cluster, as well as a global blockchain hub.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This MIT Sloan School of Management program will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to comprehend the business uses of blockchain technology, as well as the confidence to identify problem-solving and innovation possibilities. The curriculum examines blockchain technology from an economic standpoint, drawing on the work of prominent MIT faculty and crypto-economics specialist Professor Christian Catalini. To demystify the technology and grasp its possibilities and limits, you’ll be given a fundamental understanding of how this technology works. Over six weeks, you’ll learn how to go beyond the basics of blockchain technology and comprehend its applicability and potential in the context of your own company as well as how to work with cryptocurrencies.

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