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10 Best Online Exam Software for Schools and Colleges

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Online exam software

Online exam software is making online examinations much easier to conduct. But which one is the best for you?

Due to the brutal impact of the global pandemic, everyone has been forced to move their academics, talent assessments, and certifications online. Nobody knows how long this will continue or maybe this is the new normal for the education sector. From studies and training to examinations everything will take place online. All corporate organizations, schools, colleges, and universities are taking the help of online exam software to make examinations much easier to conduct. But do you know which software is the best among all?

Here are the top 10 online exam software for schools and colleges:


Utilizing PrepAI, schools or colleges can produce question papers from a piece of text. With help from EdTech experts, the stage shuts any holes when making questions for online tests, examinations, or some other type of evaluation for content makers and test authors. Along with all this, PrepAI gives AI-powered suggestions dependent on evaluating that recognizes the holes in a specific point and an amazing assessment highlight accommodated to the end-user.


Talview’s Online Exam Software is great for big business associations intending to lead a high volume of evaluations, tests, or examinations. It is a configurable instrument that upholds different test arrangements like MCQs, essays, coding, and fitness tests. Talview accompanies web-based delegating to keep an eye on test-takers so that they don’t cheat during the examination. Its distantly administered tests incorporate consistently with driving LMSs.


With Learnyst you can make mock tests for your understudies for all competitive examinations. Learnyst likewise gives in-build test formats for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, CAT, IBPS, SBI, GATE, etc. Analysis of your understudies’ performance with the assistance of different logical like score examination, leaderboard, percentile positioning, and so forth. You can also assess answer sheets of understudies carefully with their new computerized assessment framework.


ExamOnline is an exhaustive online exam software exceptionally intended to lead online assessment, entrance test, recruitment assessment, expertise tests, certifications, corporate and grounds recruiting, and so forth. It is a completely coordinated platform that gives a start to finish assessment arrangements directly from application the executives to leading on the web assessments, remote administering, result handling, and scorecard/certification making.


IELTS Official Test likes Navigation Experience with all of the helpful provisions (with Highlighter, Notepad for featuring text with various shadings). Showcasing every right answer, prerecordedvideo of troublesome questions, and band score calculator orlight mode/dark mode for a superior survey insight for your understudies. View questions for self-assessment to check the right/wrong answers at whatever point your understudy needs to take a look at the appropriate responses.


eTutor is India’s most cherished computerized training platform, being offered as a total suite for schools, universities, and institutions to convey quality instruction. Utilizing cutting-edge innovation and present-day training principles, the eTutor suite contains online exam software, virtual classroom, learning management system, and school management software. Flawlessly, you make and coordinate the academic timetable, oversee instructive exercises, lead online classes, make altered tests.

Test Invite

Test Invite is a cloud-based exam software arrangement that conveys powerful item banking and examination, authority over your whole testing interaction, and capacity to test safely through lockdown browser and webcam video recording. You can make, convey, and grade tests, and afterward report on understudy, course, and program execution. We distribute preparing recordings in our YouTube channel so you can begin from day one.


TestGorilla offers enrollment specialists like you the best online test programming to test up-and-comers so you that can settle on better-recruiting choices. Utilizing various test types in a test gives the best prescient worth, so we have a developing test library including intellectual capacity tests, programming tests, programming expertise tests, character tests, language tests, and significantly more.

Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus Examination Management System assists you with robotizing the test interaction and save time. Understudies can take on the web or offline tests, get cautions and warnings and view results on the web. The framework assists you with keeping up with severe privacy and eliminate struggle with the unique planning of invigilators.


QuestBase is an online application that permits to make and oversee tests, evaluations, tests, and affirmations. Add your questions by looking over seven different types; make your test and set its choices; share it with your understudies, clients, or workers by sending them a link.

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