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There’s no stopping to Indian Online Education System Despite Covid-19

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Indian education system

Indian online education system achieved great heights in Covid-19 pandemic

The Indian education system has been exposed to a ton of controversy consistently and till date, the situations and discussions over educational issues proceed in the country. Yet, this system is perhaps the most discussed frameworks on the planet and it has a decent amount of respectability and uprightness consolidated into it.

Throughout the long term, the education system of the nation has gone through an ocean change. The consistently expanding utilization of technology has propelled child-centric approaches and collected the government’s consideration on building up a system that is in alignment with worldwide-level advancement of the school education system.

The first new education policy in 34 years, The New Education Policy (NEP), endorsed by the Union Cabinet, has presented numerous reconstructions in the Indian education system. Beginning with the renaming of The Ministry of Human Resource and Development as The Ministry of Education, the new approach aims to offer another structure to the education system in the country. From school education to advanced education, NEP proposes the amendment and redoing of all parts of the education structure, including its regulation and administration, to making another system that is lined up with the optimistic objectives of 21st-century education, while staying steady with India’s customs and value systems.

The Internet has brought a revolution across various areas directly from the manner in which we order food, book a taxi or even in the way education is imparted. Teachers have been utilizing technology in their study halls to make the learning interesting for students, and simultaneously, students have been utilizing the internet dominatingly to accomplish more in-depth research regarding the topics of their interest.

At the presentation of India’s 2020-21 budget, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had emphasized the new educational policy which the government is at present working at. A draft version of the policy traces the significant job online learning could play in changing India’s education system and extending access to higher education. Other than that, the policy supports Indian education foundations not exclusively to build up their own online programs yet additionally to perceive and grant credit for online programs offered by foreign establishments.

According to Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, India’s online education outperformed numerous nations in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency and covered all students across the country. As indicated by a report given by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development called attention to that most schools have less number of faculty members than the necessary numbers as a result of which they can’t focus on every student in the classroom. This had made the students unfit to use their time adequately in the study halls. In any case, presently with advancing technology, there are new turn of events. The data available at a single click has made the education cycle intriguing and proficient.

Further, Prakash Javadekar added that the underprivileged students were additionally canvassed in the online education framework for which the government ran 34 education channels , 12 for school schooling and 22 for advanced education.

Other than this, a program named ‘Diksha’ has additionally been deployed through which the government managed to deliver a large number of lectures.

We are appreciative that the Covid pandemic has brought a reformist change in the education systems, which is fighting issues like unemployability, lack of hands-on practical experience, skill-gap, outdated syllabus, lack of quality educators, etc. And yet, classroom education has its own advantages. We can’t totally preclude the appearances of classroom education. In these difficult times, online education will unquestionably overcome any issues in the schooling environment and give the essential room for improvement.


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