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Encouraging Youth in Technology can Bring more Transformation in Society

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Role of youth in technology

To achieve sustainable development goals, role of youth in technology should be encouraged

New data and communication innovations are significantly affecting business and society. Notwithstanding one’s philosophical situation as for innovation, it is changing the ways in which we facilitate regular daily existence, the manners by which youngsters interact, the manners by which business is done, and the manners by which we connect with others.

Furthermore, it has been claimed that new technologies are especially affecting the younger generations, essentially changing their way of life. Both the Internet and mobile communication offer them better approaches to communicating.

Also, 1.8 billion youth make up the biggest generation of 10 to 24 year olds in human history with 50% of the total global population under 30 years old. Digital technologies have been excessively embraced into schools. Analysts zeroed in on the Global South have featured how access to technology has been driven by business interests and data about results is produced by individuals who are working for profits. The individuals who care for youth should discover better approaches to decide whether there are any potential advantages for youth when living drenched in digital technology. Especially, in light of the fact that interventions to circulate more innovation can compound instead of eliminating existing imbalances.

Technology has encouraged massively to gain access to a lot of data and has upheld changes that have transformed our lives for eternity. The innovative capability of youngsters, together with technology, is ending up being an incredible power making a path for accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Today, youth effectively add to the formation of new jobs, access to inclusive and quality education, promotion of better health systems, and  economic empowerment of vulnerable groups.

ARM – the world’s leading semiconductor IP organization has been encouraging the incorporation of youth in discussions about the technology of tomorrow. This call has been continuous for several years, since the introduction of their Gen ARM2Z program. The program plans to overcome any barrier between youths and technology pioneers. This is reinforced by the Gen ARM2Z ambassadors– a specific group of youth who are making stunning things with technology.

Badia is a messaging robot intended to abbreviate the communication gap between government authorities and citizens. It was created by Montassar, a 25 year-old engineer and college teacher in Tunisia.

This business visionary has formulated a creative solution to address the absence of citizen participation in his native of Sidi Bouzid. The chatbot addresses questions from residents on issues identified with the local budget, advancing the progression of data and citizen participation.

Adeola Ojuade is a 16-year-old software engineer. She made a Haptic Guide to help blind and visually impaired people. She utilized an ultrasonic sensor that perceives the distance of an item and made a haptic gadget that vibrates as indicated by that recognized distance. She even introduced her haptic guide at the MLK Tech Summit at Zappos.

A major barrier for more advancement of technology among youth is the difference between what is instructed in the educational program and what are the significant abilities that youth need to flourish in society. It is quite bizarre to see the absence of effectiveness of education to train students to address the difficulties of the present and augment opportunities of things to come.

An intriguing method to change education is by imparting the goals of global citizenship education in students through innovative learning strategies. It is critical to meet the students where they are and connect with them in experiential exercises utilizing games, simulations, storytelling etc., so the individuals who may feel barred, feel roused to take an interest in the learning process.

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