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Top Ten AI Video Generators for Making Education Interesting

3 Mins read

AI video generators on the market today that are being used by real businesses, large and small

During and after the pandemic, video-based education got the boost and it became a preferred way of consuming content online, so being able to create content faster is something that every marketer should strive for. In this technology-driven world where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are intruding into every aspect of our lives, the video industry isn’t spared. There are several AI video generators on the market today that are being used by real businesses, large and small, to streamline video content production. Artificial intelligence or AI video generators are next level; they automate video creation and editing without compromising on quality. This article features the top 10 AI video generators for making education even more interesting.




You can use GliaCloud to seamlessly create professional-looking videos from existing text content in minutes. There’s no need for special equipment or prior knowledge of video editing software. Simply upload your article or post the URL, and it will automatically create an engaging video.

You can then preview and edit this script if required before generating an HD-quality video file ready to upload to your website or social media channels.


Synthesia is one of the most realistic AI video generators on the market and once you see it in action your jaw will drop to the floor! This video generator takes your text and turns it into professional videos in minutes. It’s easy to use, fast, and quite affordable- making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes that need content for their marketing efforts.


InVideo is for content creators who want to get more hands-on with their video productions. It has a powerful creation and editing platform with stock media, effects, and a library with more than 5,000 templates. It’s all cloud-accessible, allowing you to work on your video production from anywhere.

Synths Video

Synths video uses Synthesia avatars to create videos with text overlays (captions), suitable for social media and YouTube. With this tool, you can easily and quickly convert your existing articles into videos with just one click.


VEED allows you to record your screen and your webcam at the same time, allowing you to easily create instructional videos for work or for fun! A lot of professionals use VEED for work. And you don’t need any video editing experience to do the same. Our screen recorder and presentation maker are super easy to use.


Lumen5 combines a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface with a content and template library to enhance its AI-powered video content creation platform. It’s built to support marketing, brand awareness, and thought leadership campaigns for businesses up to enterprise-scale.

While Lumen5 can certainly produce professional-looking videos in relatively short order, it doesn’t have many options of presentation or voiceovers, making it best-suited for impersonal videos that don’t require much human touch.


Wisecut is a video creation platform that takes your text and turns it into a video, simply type in your text, choose a voice actor, and Wisecut will take care of the rest.

The video quality is excellent, and you can even choose to have music added to your video. leverages artificial intelligence to generate professional videos automatically, quickly, and easily.

Simply sign up, paste your text, select the relevant industry, choose a language, and select a voice for the voiceover. The result will be a compelling attention-grabbing message, all while telling your story with powerful audio and visuals. Plus, you can get the same results in over 20 languages.

Another competitive ai video generator on the market today is, a powerful tool for creating studio-quality AI videos with just a few simple steps.

Powered by Generative Adversarial Networks, GANs, Rephrase leverages deep learning frameworks to analyze, understand and interpret your script to generate great videos. is an artificial intelligence video generator that takes your text and turns it into an AI-generated video. It’s simple to use and easy to get started, with no software download required.

You just enter your text, select a voice actor, and Pictory does the rest, creating a real video with sound effects and background music.

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