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Top Institutes are Offering PG Courses in AI Across the Globe

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Top institutes are offering PG Courses in AI in 2021 that will help students to be master in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the way people think, learn, and operate in a variety of sectors, including finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. Simply, artificial intelligence (AI) is present in all aspects of life. That implies that in almost every business, the need for competent AI specialists is suddenly increasing. In 2025, AI-related employment creation will exceed 2 million net new jobs, crossing into positive territory. Professionals need a strong educational foundation to take advantage of these new job prospects from best institutes in AI. PG courses in AI in renowned universities can help you to get a job in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Best universities in AI are offering specialized courses in AIPG courses in AI will open the path for advanced artificial intelligence.

Some of the top universities in AI are:

  1. University of Liverpool

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Duration: 3 years

Study type: Online

Course: MSc. In Artificial intelligence

Pace: Part-time

The University of Liverpool is one of the top universities in AI. You will get expert skills in a fast-developing field of computer science as a result of this degree. The curriculum will cover AI programming and development theory and practice, as well as important AI applications in a variety of sectors. You can learn how to work with intelligent systems and prepare for a job in the field. You will graduate from the program prepared to pursue rewarding professions in the design and management of AI system development.

  1. GISMA University of Applied Science

Location: Berlin, Germany

Duration: 12-24 months

Study type: Online

Course: MSc Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Business

Pace: Full time

GISMA University of Applied Science is one of the best institutes in AI. To prepare for this shift, you might pursue an MSc in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Business. Master machine learning, big data analytics, prediction methodologies, and virtual team leadership to become a data science and AI specialist. This curriculum also includes broad business skills like project and innovation management, which can help you get a better job.

  1. University of Groningen

Location: Groningen, Netherlands

Duration: 24 months

Study type: Campus

Course: MSc. In Artificial Intelligence

Pace: Full time

The University of Groningen, being one of the top universities in AI, offers courses in AI. Autonomous perceptive systems, cognitive robotics, and multi-agent systems are the main subjects of the Master’s program artificial intelligence.

  1. Stevens Institute of Technology

Location: Hoboken, USA

Duration: 2 years

Study type: Campus, Online

Course: Master in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Pace: Full time, Part-time

Stevens Institute of Technology is another institute among the top institutes in AI that offer courses in AI. The master’s degree program in applied artificial intelligence trains students to specialize in artificial intelligence (AI) for engineering application areas. The curriculum gives students a solid foundation in AI theory, as well as a grasp of electrical and computer engineering applications in intelligent networks, autonomous robots, computer vision, biomedical engineering, and smart grids. Theoretical understanding is combined with practical expertise in the implementation of practical applications.

  1. European Business University

Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Duration: 1 year

Study type: Online

Course: Master of Science – Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Pace: Full time, Part-time

Communication, ethical reasoning, analytical skills, information technology, global view, critical thinking, and knowledge of synergy are all areas where EBU learning goals are designed to improve student learning. European Business University is also one of the best universities in AI.

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