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Make Way for Artificial Intelligence Game-Based Learning in India

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Artificial intelligence game-based learning

Let’s embrace a new way of learning – artificial intelligence game-based learning

Recently, we have seen a growing acknowledgment of the extraordinary power of game-based learning environments. The thriving field of game-based learning has made critical advances, including theoretical developments as well as the making of game-based learning environments for a wide range of K–12 subjects. Artificial intelligence game-based learning environments integrate commercial game technologies with AI methods from intelligent tutoring systems.

Today, artificial intelligence has left no area immaculate by its developments and novelty. Its commitments to the educational sector, particularly, have been most beneficial on the grounds that education forms the premise of all knowledge and progress. Thus, engaging AI in education has brought about better impairment of knowledge and comprehensive and commendable assessment of evaluations by making them less of a blackbox.

While we may not see humanoid robots going about as teachers within the next decade, there are numerous projects effectively in progress that utilize computer intelligence to help students and educators get more out of the educational experience.

The education community overall is implementing and using AI in learning, administration, mentoring, evaluating, and assessments. The results of amalgamating technology with imaginative learning processes have totally reformed education systems across the globe.

To join this wave, in India, the Delhi government intends to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and game-based learning techniques for constant evaluation of students under its new state school education board.

The Delhi Cabinet affirmed the creation of the Delhi Board of School Education on March 6 with the community for the board being recorded on March 19, 2021. The board is expected to get working for at least middle-level grades, which are up to grades 8 from the approaching scholastic session. Artificial intelligence will be applied in the evaluation method to give real-time training feedback of students to educators. Under game-based assessments, students will be given conditions or be included in such tasks to evaluate their capabilities and knowledge.

Artificial intelligence game-based learning fills in as an incredible research facility for exploring AI techniques since they set critical inferential demands and work out in complex intuitive situations.

Shailendra Sharma, the principal advisor to the Directorate of Education (DoE) said that the new education board will zero in on surveying students based on their skills and not simply classroom learning.

Sharma said that the government authority will likewise see evaluation models followed by different nations. “The purpose behind setting up the Delhi board isn’t to repeat the current models. We are fundamentally taking a look at how evaluation can complement the teaching-learning process in class across all grades, and that is the reason we will investigate the most contemporary models followed across the globe,” he added.

Over the next few years as student modeling becomes significantly more powerful, artificial intelligence game-based learning environments will keep on advancing into an inexorably broad range of educational  settings crossing classrooms, homes, science centers, and historical centers. With their developing pervasiveness, they will be scaled to new educational plans and serve students of all ages. It will, in this way, become progressively essential to understand how students can most effectively communicate with them, and which job AI-based story and game mechanics can play in platform learning and acknowledging sustained  engagement

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