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Top 10 EdTech Brand Ambassadors of Renowned EdTech Companies in India

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EdTech Company

EdTech Companies take refuge in the powerful messages conveyed by inspiring EdTech brand ambassadors

Publicising a brand with the most appropriate association is a goal that is fading before celebrity endorsements. EdTech start-ups are finding it enormously feasible to exhibit their services through a popular public figure that can attract more and more eyes. With the increasing demand for tutorials from home, EdTech companies are presented with lucrative opportunities to arrive at the forefront. Consequently, plenty of online learning applications are emerging and finding it difficult to give tough competition to each other based on the technology. Therefore, influencing consumers through their favourite entities to extract subscribers. Alongside investing in celebrities or notable personalities ensure them a subtle recognition by the target audience.

Various EdTech companies rely upon different brand ambassadors depending upon the type of audience they influence and evaluating if the objectives are in line with the personality. The selection of EdTech brand ambassadors is usually more competitive than appropriate. Here are some Indian examples that are perfect examples of how popular figures are playing an imperative role in the EdTech companies’ prominence. EdTech brand ambassadors are mostly actors who have a successful career, influential and fatherly figures.

Shah Rukh Khan

Byju’s Learning app has been associating itself with the actor since 2017. Most of the advertisements and posters of Byju include Shah Rukh Khan as the star endorser. By making SRK the EdTech brand ambassador of Byju’s, the character of SRK as a playful father who believes in teaching kids following interesting methods, is demonstrated.

Hrithik Roshan

Whitehat jr., a subsidiary of Byju’s hired actor Hrithik Roshan as their brand ambassador. This is an online learning platform where children are taught coding. The portrayal of Hrithik Roshan has aroused intense criticisms. However, as an EdTech brand ambassador, Hrithik Roshan’s portrayal connects to the responsible fathers who want their kids to be imparted with knowledge more than the school lessons.

Amir Khan

Vedantu has engaged actor and filmmaker Amir Khan as their brand ambassador to influence their target audience. With this, they intend to spill Amir Khan’s role of an involved father who does not resist advancements. Amir Khan’s charm of letting kids adapt to the changes is what heaving Vedantu as an EdTech start-up. Vedantu also provides live online classes unlike most of the recorded online teaching applications.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Unacademy features former Indian Cricket team captain M.S. Dhoni as their brand ambassador. The success of the cricketer is what the company associates itself with to exhibit how Unacademy learners can excel in their life.

Virat Kohli

Great learning identifies current Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli as the brand ambassador. Portraying Virat Kohli as an EdTech brand ambassador can easily impact all age groups because cricket is passionately followed by all Indians and his popularity is immense due to his position, integrity, and ambitious personality.

Vicky Kaushal

UpGrad attributes its services to Vicky Kaushal and recognizes him as the brand ambassador. Vicky Kaushal is known for his virtuosity and is highly preferred by the youth. This derives him a considerable fanbase which is used by UpGrad to increase their reach and to gain recognition.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Tutorix tied up with Ayushmann Khurana to let him play the role of an EdTech brand ambassador. The quality of Ayushmann Khurrana being a self-built actor with his highly talented skills in acting, singing, poetry makes him the best fit for tutorix that offers self-learning courses and tutorials on the website or application.

Kartik Aryan

Gradeup is an EdTech start-up that aims at preparing students for exams. Kartik Aryan is chosen as the EdTech brand ambassador in Gradeup because of his youthful trait that connects with teenagers enormously. He is also a fresh face in the industry who is ruling many hearts with his humorous role plays. The advertisement campaigns are also designed in a way that suits his way of appearance which is in alignment with the youth.

Sourav Ganguly

Classplus is another EdTechstart-up in the growing market of EdTech companies that determines former Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly who is known for his dedication and elegant personality as their brand ambassador. Sourav Ganguly is widely accepted as a respectable figure amongst the elderly as well as the middle-aged. The EdTech startup allows teachers and teaching professionals who have lost their job in the pandemic to start teaching remotely using classplus. Therefore, influencing the educators could only be possible by a familiar personality like Sourav Ganguly because of his trustable virtue.

Ranveer Singh

Eduauraa is a content-driven EdTech platform that features actor Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador. Eduauraa disseminates the message that beyond boundaries and no particular bar can define achievement. Thus, we all know how flexible is Ranveer Singh as an actor and fits in every circumstance with his distinct sense of existence. Subsequently, this image of Ranveer Singh goes hand in hand with the motto of eduauraa that believes in transcending boundaries of success.

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