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The Contribution of EdTech to the International Women Engineering Day 2022

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International Women Engineering Day is celebrated on June 23rd to raise awareness of the importance of women in engineering

International Women Engineering Day is celebrated on June 23rd to raise awareness of the importance of women in engineering. Celebrating women in engineering day helps to promote diversity in the engineering field and encourages more girls and young women to consider a career in engineering. It is also an opportunity to honor the many talented women who have made a significant contribution to engineering over the years. This is where EdTech is contributing to the special day in recent times to inspire female engineering students.

Here are few reasons why you should celebrate International Women Engineering Day on June 23, 2022:

  1. Making up half of the workforce, so it’s crucial that we have a diverse group of voices contributing to our society and economy.
  2. Women in engineering have played a crucial role in developing many of today’s technologies – from smartphones and medical devices to aircrafts and satellites.
  3. The field of engineering offers a wide variety of career opportunities, which means that there’s something for everyone.
  4. Because women are frequently underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, celebrating their achievements can help increase diversity among these fields overall.
  5. There are plenty of ways to get involved with activities – from attending local events to donating to organizations that support female engineers. So mark the date down on your calendar and join in the celebration!

A Study Highlights Interest of Women in Engineering

McLaren Automotive and children’s rights charity Plan International commissioned a study to coincide with International Women Engineering Day. With an aim to highlight the importance of science, technology, engineering, and maths-based (STEM) careers for girls.

The study revealed that 75 per cent of schoolgirls are interested in a STEM career yet over 27 per cent said they worry about being good enough to study STEM subjects. The research also found that 61 per cent of schoolgirls say they want to see more women in engineering to encourage them to take up science-based careers.

Benefits of EdTech for Engineering Students

There are numerous benefits for engineering students and especially female engineers when it comes to learning from EdTech platforms. In addition to accessing the best online tutors, students can leverage different forms of learning and teachers can explore different pedagogies. Here is a list of the top advantages of EdTech.

Wider reach

EdTech allow engineering students to have access to quality education which they may not normally have due to barriers such as remote geographical locations, physical disability, etc., that prevents them from physically attending classes. As the education imparted using technology doesn’t need the students or the teacher to be physically present in a classroom a larger number of students can be taught at the same time.

Self-paced learning

As one-size never fits all, some students might need a longer time to understand the concepts as compared to others. Using EdTech, the teachers can record video lectures that the students can watch as per their suitability. The students have the option of pausing and reflecting on the lesson being taught which is not possible during normal classroom teaching. A student can listen to the lecture multiple times till they can fully understand the concept being taught.

In conclusion, it is crucial to raise awareness of the importance of women in engineering, and to provide support and resources to female engineering. Therefore, it is celebrated every year on June 23.

Some of the benefits of having more women in engineering include a more diverse range of perspectives, a stronger collaborative culture, and better problem solving abilities. Additionally, having more women in this technical field can help reduce the gender gap in tech fields.

There are many ways that you can celebrate International Women Engineering Day. You can attend an event or visit a website that has information about this special day. You can also donate to organizations that support women in engineering.

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