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Personal Learning Network for Students: What it is and Why you Need it?

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A personal learning network is a carefully selected web that encourages to actively pursue learning

Perhaps more than any other profession, a successful, fulfilling career in education requires a strong personal learning network. With the constantly changing educational landscape, introduction of new technology, and widely varying student needs, having a group of trusted peers to grow alongside is so important. But maintaining that personal learning network can be challenging, especially if you feel isolated in your role or community. Since PLNs are so important in educational spaces, educators have become experts at the art of purposefully and openly networking. Social media, conferences, virtual spaces, and cross-community practices all lend themselves well to empowering opportunities to boost your circle of inspiring peers.

Who uses a Personal Learning Network?

According to Prepwise, many teachers use Personal Learning Networks to grow professionally, get ideas and advice about issues that concern them, and discover new methods of teaching. Educators are not the only ones who benefit from PLNs. Any person who has an RSS, Twitter or other social media feed, or an information aggregator on a topic or issue that concerns them, has a form of a PLN.

The benefits of a PLN extend to non-professionals as well. We believe everyone – especially students – should actively, intentionally create one. It can serve as a reminder that learning does not stop when you walk out of school at the end of the day. It can help you find your passion, or at the very least, find a cool new subject. It can even help you forge human connections and build a network that can assist you in your studies and career.

Benefits of personal learning network for students:

Increased Engagement

One of the primary benefits of personal learning network for students is the ability to keep your students engaged for longer. When your students are engaged, they will spend more time learning, and absorb more of the information being taught. It’s hard to imagine a better outcome as an instructor. You could allow your students to decide on a specific learning path, what courses they would like to take first, and so on. This would permit them to adopt an independent strategy to their learning.

Increased Motivation

Along with engagement, PLN also boosts motivation. Students will have more freedom to choose a learning path that’s best suited to them. As result, they’ll be more invested in their own studies. Inspiring students can challenge. Furthermore, unmotivated understudies are regularly inconvenient, in light of the fact that they miss significant data and invest less energy contemplating. This outcomes in poor performance well after the preparation has been finished. It is in every case better to have roused students, as they will improve at work or get better grades.

Less Time Wasted

You could assess every one of your students before they even start taking courses to decide precisely exact thing their advancing requirements are. This evaluation could appear as an overview or test that poses a progression of inquiries to find out what the student endlessly doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Courses and preparing programs are frequently straight, at times compelling understudies to search over huge lumps of data they’re as of now acquainted with before they can start concentrating on the substance they genuinely need at this moment. This can burn through a great deal of time, and even penance commitment levels. You can eliminate sat around idly by conveying pertinent substance to your understudies depending on the situation. You could make individual suggestions in view of the test results.

Better Results

It’s easy to make sweeping statements about the benefits of e-learning. But if your students are more engaged, it stands to reason they will spend more time learning and absorbing the concepts you’ve developed. Personal Learning Network for student will prepare them to handle whatever exams are waiting for them, whether it’s passing a test or clearing exams in a satisfactory manner.

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