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Education and Students with Visual Impairments: Thing IT Leaders Can Do

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Here are the ways IT leaders can make learning more accessible for students with visual impairments

Enabling and encouraging the use of study tools is one way K–12 IT leaders can make learning more accessible to students with visual impairments. IT leaders in education should try to understand what’s available and what could be really helpful for students. The other thing is to make sure their materials are accessible and inclusive.

Familiarize Educators with Tech to Make Learning Accessible

Technology has increased accessibility for visually impaired students, making learning more achievable and comfortable. In addition to hyperlegible fonts, there are other steps IT leaders can take in K–12 environments to make learning accessible to visually impaired users.

Many accessibility study tools are already built into Chromebooks and other devices. IT teams should become familiar with the possibilities so they can recommend the right tool when a student requires assistance. In addition to the study tools, IT leaders can make learning more accessible to visually impaired users through purposeful and thoughtful changes to educational materials; for instance, by creating web pages and printed media that use strong contrast between the text and the background, allowing visually impaired students to read any overlaying text.

Here are some of the study tools created by IT leaders for visually impaired students:

Scientific Calculator

Sight Enhancement Systems has fostered various scientific calculators to help visually impaired understudies with their high-level numerical classes. One added work is voice back, presently accessible in both English and Spanish. Working indistinguishably from your commonplace scientific calculator, educators will have no difficulty in helping an outwardly impeded understudy gain proficiency with its capacities.

SceneEye 500

Also from Sight Enhancement Systems, the SceneEye 500 is a camera that effectively interfaces with a PC or tablet. By amplifying the picture seen by up to 50X, a visually impaired student can utilize the gadget to effortlessly see the board or any study hall show. The difference is additionally flexible to make the picture much simpler to peruse. Visually impaired students can record the pictures for later review, giving them a long-lasting review help in the thing is being educated in class. This assistive gadget just works with Windows 7 or Windows 8, yet has a natural interface when utilized with a touch screen gadget.

Braille Compass

Using a Braille forced following a wheel, this compass from Howe Press empowers blind understudies to finish math assignments with no help. The pointed end works as old as normal compasses, yet the understudy can peruse the following wheel with their finger and make the appropriate changes.

Video Magnifier

With its huge 7” display, the Olympia video magnifier empowers outwardly impeded understudies to track within their course books and read and complete worksheets. The gadget includes a scope of amplification settings just as a slanted screen for ideal review. Battery worked and convenient, the Olympia can be utilized in the study hall or at home and has no restrictions in the kind of text it can see.


The Ovation can peruse the pages of reading material and convert the words into a sound arrangement. Utilizing a flatbed scanner, the Ovation is equipped for perusing and interpreting papers, books, and magazines and promptly reading it back to the client. This gadget could basically dispense with the requirement for a visually impaired understudy to buy sound course books or Braille variants.

Ray Phone

Various applications can be added to a PDA that the visually impaired understudy might find helpful, however, the Ray PDA has effectively consolidated various of them into one gadget. Visually impaired understudies will find their note-taking capacities and timetable producers particularly accommodating in their scholastic professions while having the option to have each of the different benefits that advanced mobile phones offer altered to be open by the vision impeded.

BrailleNote Apex Note Taker

This versatile word processor permits a visually impaired understudy to type notes in Braille and afterward convert them to sound or print them out. Made by Human Ware, the BrailleNote offers a variety of elements including three USB ports and synchronization with your home PC. Note-taking without a sound recording gadget is hard for visually impaired students, yet this gadget makes it simpler.

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