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EdTech Ventures Empowering Youths with Online Management Courses

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Online management courses extended by EdTech ventures are expanding business potential in students

With EdTech learning, students of this generation are turning out to be 3 times more than their immediate predecessor. EdTech ventures across the world are proficiently tapping the education market with advanced education tools and lessons. Management concepts are usually unfolded to students at their completion of K-12 studies, but as EdTech learning is beyond systematic and regulation-driven, they are shaping interesting online management courses, such that it becomes easier for even kids to grasp. Online management courses are packed with entrepreneurial skills, networking and communication skills and business models, alongside, offering real-life business problems to the students for solving them.

Flourishing Sector

EdTech ventures for the last few years, have shown potential growth, as multiple EdTech companies were introduced with ambitious learning courses. The quality of EdTech learning is divided into various disciplines. Moreover, limitations to age, distance and times, are curbed over the EdTech learning environment, which makes it even more advantageous. Some notable EdTech unicorns that belong to India, are demonstrating remarkable acquisitions that are attracting the attention of investors. Besides, students who are pursuing online management courses, are finding their prospects to be intensely dazzling, as at the age of 13 to 16 they are embarking on a real-life entrepreneurial journey. Online management courses that are inspiring these students, are exemplified below.


Another Mumbai-based EdTech venture, specializing in advanced education courses. The online management courses designed in their EdTech learning curriculum, are perhaps for the people who are looking for a career switch, or an immediate position in top schools. Experts from the industry are present around this platform, to prepare students for their ambition associated with management concepts, to enable them to exhibit breakthrough performance at their interviews and job profiles. Besides mentors coming from Microsoft, Amazon, and others, their association with these tech giants, have proved to be an extra benefit for the learners as they find it extremely persuasive. Above 1 lakh content are uploaded on the platform, by 5K educators.

Clever Harvey

By drawing in students between the age group of 13 to 18, the Mumbai-based EdTech Venture, is offering junior MBA courses to them. As a result, the students are acquiring a wide range of expertise in some major business areas such as strategy, marketing and technology, throughout 3 weeks of classes. Renowned companies like Puma and Samsonite are associated with the EdTech venture and facilitate their EdTech learning, by allowing students to work in a real-life business environment. Tasks like strategy building, campaign building and marketing plans, are thrown on the students. This enables them to realize the pressure and augment their efforts, from a very young age. Furthermore, Clever Harvey as an EdTech start-up has initiated as many advanced education options to students, as higher education systems could not. Such as providing the children with exposure to different careers, which can help them get clarity of what they aspire to be.


As management careers are highly lucrative, communication skills play an imperative role in advancing the opportunities, for an individual into the career. Online management courses are believed to be incomplete without communication skills being imparted. Qin1 is a recent EdTech venture empowering students from non-metro cities to communicate proficiently in English written and orally. The Indian perspective of judging people based on English fluency, plays a strong influence over the parents, who think their child will be recruited as soon as they portray good spoken English skills. This draws a significant number of students to the EdTech learning curriculum offered by Qin1.


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