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Companies Don’t Be Late to Embrace Mobile Learning for Employee Training

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Mobile learning (m-learning) for employee training

Mobile learning for employee training is the new trend in upskilling

More than six billion individuals connect to the internet through a mobile phone. Also, as per UNESCO, twice the number of people today go online from a mobile phone than from a PC or laptop. An expansion of online learning, mobile learning (m-learning) for employee training is changing the manner in which companies upskill their employees. Managers and HR leaders worldwide have perceived how engrossed people are with their mobile phones and are trying to capitalize by making learning material accessible via mobile phones.

M-learning has received a lot of hype in the last few years in light of the fact that most organizations think that it’s more convenient than on-site training. On-site training is very different from mobile learning as companies don’t need to pay a mentor to physically come and train employees with mobile learning.

Here’s how mobile learning is making a difference in employee training at workplaces.

Employee Motivation for Training

Numerous employees don’t care about going to induction meetings or training. One reason for this is that training expects them to remove time from an already hectic schedule to fit it in. Since m-learning permits employees to finish training at their own accommodation, their motivation and interest increases.

Material is Easy to Understand

Mobile learning utilizes infographics and videos, which are intuitive and simple to understand. The human brain is wired to handle visual data quicker than words. In this manner, your employees are bound to comprehend data introduced in pictures and videos.

Another reason why data on the mobile learning platform is simple stems from social media. In a period overwhelmed by online chatting sites, people are now familiar with spreading information through videos and pictures. Thus, mobile learning improves employee training by utilizing favored communication mediums.

Constant Flexibility

Truth be told, at least half of the workforce today is working remotely with small kids during the day, thanks to Covid-19. Children are impatient and would want your attention at any given time of the day. This can sometimes lead to a pause in employees’ work . With mobile learning modules, employees can, without much of a stretch, be superheroes at home while remaining a power to be reckoned with at work. For organizations, flexibility is a companion and mobile learning improves the relationship.

Aligned with Latest Trends

It is no surprise that mobile phones have become ubiquitous. Accordingly, it bodes well to begin preparing for the technology change away from the badly arranged and tedious techniques by making learning materials that can be accessed across multiple mobile learning platforms.

Automatic Self-Assessment

Every employee is different with their own strengths and weaknesses, which companies may not effectively distinguish if they were to physically train in a meeting room. Some people are anti-social, and they’ll abstain from partaking in group discussions, social gatherings etc.

With mobile learning, companies don’t need to stress over this issue. Employees learn at their own speed and are evaluated individually, instead of collectively.  Automated self-assessment permits employees to inspect their qualities and shortcomings. Mobile learning at that point permits your employees to chip away at those shortcomings and develop themselves.

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