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Cloud-Based Education Resolving EdTech Challenges Intensively

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Cloud-based education overpowering the EdTech challenges faced frequently in virtual education

Having access to cloud computing is an all-in-one solution for EdTech. Cloud-based education became the only way to carry forward education in the wake of the pandemic pervading across the world. Thankfully, the education industry could see a light of hope in the virtual education system. However, there was a lot on their plate to sort as the adaptivity continued. Various EdTech challenges were encountered by the EdTech platforms and services. These challenges constituted some crucial subjects to be scrutinized such as security, easy access, data management, and multiple others. The servers operated from the educational institutions’ own data centres provide a collective solution for all the above-mentioned EdTech challenges.

The cloud-based education setup is a flexible and effective way of upscaling the digital Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The deployment of cloud computing services enabled the education industry to confront the EdTech challenges by making a debut in the Google cloud platforms, Microsoft, and AWS. These appeared as a saviour during the hard times when no other alternatives were available. Education largely became a part and parcel of the cloud computing programs or rather cloud-based education setup became an integral part of the cloud computing software. With virtual education becoming a necessity in the lives of learners and educators, a unified digital platform that would support educational requirements such as assessments, assignments, and daily live classes is seen as a mandate. Thus, the associated benefits are as follows.

Outreach Expansion

Virtual education has exposed learners to a new horizon of education striking any barriers that were earlier rigid. A student sitting in India can procure a lesson from the USA and vice-versa. Moreover, professionals who otherwise cannot dedicate day and night to a specific course to learn a new lesson can opt for virtual education to accomplish that. Nevertheless, the time constraint is no more obstruction and neither age.

 Affordable Virtual Classes

The virtual interaction between students and teachers has exceeded accessibility as well as flexibility. The cost of building a physical classroom accommodating a limited number of students and recruiting full-time faculty has come down to a great extent. Cloud-based education diminishes the requirement of high-end infrastructure to provide flawless education, it is in itself enough to let the education system continue effective education.

Top-Notch Security

One of the primary EdTech challenges faced by the virtual education system. Having a cloud-based education setup does not only ensure secure data storage but also enables end-to-end encryption of the operations involved in the delivery of education. VPN protocols empower the encryption of incoming and outgoing services over an EdTech platform.

Decreased Need for Hardware

A digital device and internet browser are enough to access virtual education without even the long for owning a laptop or computer. Cloud-based education is largely implemented through cloud-based storage where every document management software and other educational resources could be availed seamlessly.

Constant Evolution

The most cumbersome EdTech challenge is integrating new features and smarter innovations taking place every day in the EdTech industry. Cloud-based education makes this process highly feasible and easy as an automatic adaptation to such innovations is optimized in cloud computing. Therefore, facilitating the EdTech platform to effectively extend the advancement and ensure that laggardness does not persist.

Maximized Access

With the shift to virtual education, the number of students seeking new lessons and fields of study has also increased. Therefore, posing as an EdTech challenge, cloud-based education is also furnished with the application to accommodate innumerable students lifting the limit on the number of students who can apply.


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