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Top 10 Most Influential Ed-tech Books for Teachers in 2021

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These top ed-tech books can help the teachers to teach their students interestingly

It’s nearly difficult to be a teacher these days without incorporating some form of technology into the classroom. There are various methods that educators may use to cater to an increasingly tech-savvy set of learners, ranging from blogging to instructional games to online tracking systems. However, not everyone knows how to do so or what is best for kids, and with so many alternatives, it may be difficult to know where to begin. That’s where outstanding literature on the subject may truly help. This article has compiled a selection of some of the greatest ed-tech books available, ranging from foundational literature to cutting-edge research, to assist you in learning about and implementing educational technology (ed-tech) and curricula that will genuinely benefit both you and your students.

Instructional Technology and Media for Learning  

Authors: Sharon E. Smaldino, Deborah L. Lowther, and James D. Russell

This is one of the top ed-tech books. This textbook, currently in its tenth edition, is one of the greatest starting points for understanding instructional technology. This, one of the popular ed-tech books, illustrates how technology and media of all types may be successfully introduced into the classroom environment using examples derived from real-life K-12 situations. It also includes suggestions for designing curricula, collaborating with school technology and media professionals, and finding free and low-cost resources for your classroom.

Education, Technology, Power: Educational Computing as a Social Practice 

Author: Hank Bromley

Bromley’s work is probably a more scholarly read on the subject, but it is nonetheless beneficial for anyone seeking a well-rounded grasp of educational technology (ed-tech). Bromley, an assistant professor of sociology of education, investigates the deeper meaning behind computers and other technology in the classroom in a series of articles concentrating on cultural critique, exploring the social consequences of integrating the high-tech world into education. This is one of the best ed-tech books.

The Social Life of Information

Authors: John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid

Even though it is more than a decade old (eons in technical terms), this book continues to provide a riveting look at the social backdrop of information technology. The writers look at the disconnect between what we think technology should be (or what it’s advertised as) and how it impacts us in real life. Insightful examples from education and business demonstrate how combining the social and technological is a key step in developing technology that truly improves our lives. This is one of the top ed-tech books.

How Computer Games Help Children Learn 

Author: David Williamson Shaffer

Have you ever wondered if instructional computer games help kids learn? This book will demonstrate that they do, showcasing some excellent examples that are assisting kids in developing critical thinking skills and improving problem-solving abilities. Shaffer also discusses the future of instructional gaming, which is something that any educator, even the most tech-savvy, may benefit from knowing more about. This is one of the best ed-tech books.

The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education 

Author: Curtis J. Bonk

This is one of the top ed-tech books. Any educator interested in introducing more technology into the classroom should read this work by Indiana University professor of instructional systems technology Chris Bonk. Bonk’s “WE-ALL-LEARN” approach is used to investigate ten major technology and learning trends, as well as the inspirational educators and learners who are putting them into action. Even better, the book comes with a companion website that allows you to access all of the tools and information mentioned in the book.

Foundations of Educational Technology: Integrative Approaches and Interdisciplinary Perspectives 

Author: J. Michael Spector

This textbook is intended for students in education technology (ed-tech) programs, but it might also be useful to anyone interested in the subject. It includes professional development activities for educators as well as a technique for integrating technology into the classroom that may be used in nearly any classroom, regardless of topic or age group. This is one of the best ed-tech books.

Educational Technology: A Definition with Commentary 

Authors: Al Januszewski and Michael Molenda

This book, sponsored by the Association for educational technology (ed-tech) and Communications, is jam-packed with useful information for anybody interested in learning more about educational technology (ed-tech). The chapters cover a wide range of subjects, including essential words and definitions in the area, historical context, and ethical considerations, providing an incredibly well-rounded view of the subject. This is one of the top ed-tech books.

Digital Game-Based Learning 

Author: Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky feels that technology may be an excellent teaching tool, particularly for children who have struggled to learn through more traditional techniques. He explores some of the amazing ways games are already altering the face of education in this book, which looks at the promise of game-based learning for education. This is one of the best ed-tech books.

Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America 

Authors: Allan Collins and Richard Halverson

This is one of the top ed-tech books. There’s no denying that the digital revolution is having a significant influence on education, but Collins and Halverson examine whether schools are making the most of the resources at their disposal in this book. The authors think that the education system as a whole needs reform to bring it in line with the demands of Information Age students, and they outline issues and provide solutions that educators will find appealing.

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms 

Author: Will Richardson

This is one of the best ed-tech books. This book has become a must-read for instructors wanting to engage pupils using social technologies like those he outlines since its publication in 2010. This popularity is well-deserved. Richardson provides great tips, tactics, and ideas to make all of these tools accessible to individuals who aren’t particularly tech-savvy and practical to utilize in the classroom context.

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