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Enhance Your Technical Skills: Checkout These Top 10 Sites for Online Classes

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Here are the top 10 sites for online classes, offering various courses to develop your technical skills

The world is rapidly adapting modern technologies, which creates endless opportunities to learn new technical skills. You must be aware of artificial intelligence and computer science, but are you sure you know enough to survive the future technological storm? After completing your school, it can be hard to find places to learn new things, create new skills, and expand your horizons. The Internet is helping to solve this by taking courses and training is easier to find than ever before. Online classes to enhance your technical skills are the perfect way to continue your education.

Here are the top 10 online learning sites, offering various courses to develop your skills:

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is an assortment of free online courses. On its site, you will have the option to discover explicit courses in many subjects and learn new skills. It gathers playlists and video groups to assist you with gaining from various administrations, as well. Academic Earth is a savvy search device and a decent spot to begin your journey of acquiring new specialized abilities. The best part about this site is there are various free courses available from around the world.

Alison Learning Paths

Alison offers free online courses made by specialists in different fields. You will discover a blend of instructors and business people making this content. Some courses are supported by various organizations to assist with certain activities like applying for various sorts of certifications and tests. Classes fall under a couple of significant classifications like advertising, healthcare, humanities, science, and innovation. This is one of the best sites for online classes to learn technical skills.



If you are interested in coding and want to enhance your skills in a specific field then Codecademy is the best option for you as it is dedicated to teaching people how to code. Its free online courses have helped more than 45 million people in its first seven years. You can learn coding through their free courses or you can go for a paid pro membership where you will get direct guidance and support for creating a real-world portfolio that can be used to jumpstart a freelance career.


There is no doubt that Coursera is one of the biggest sites for online courses and education. If you want to learn new skills then you can choose between its free courses, paid degrees, and membership programs, Coursera likely offers the largest number of classes, courses, and accreditation support as compare to any other site.‍


Udemy offers paid courses ranging from $10 to $500 completely depending upon the class and educator. Perhaps the nicest component of Udemy is that it offers a wide scope of classes on customary instructive subjects along with specific business abilities—like explicit approaches to utilize Excel for monetary analysis—and past understudies provide ratings to these classes.


edX is an online learning platform established by Harvard and MIT and it has shown more than 20 million individuals since its launch. You can study subjects like computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology, and marketing. All of these courses are free of cost, however, you have to pay for a verification certificate that attests you’ve completed a course

General Assembly

Focusing on schooling in architecture, business, and innovation, General Assembly has grounds in more than thirty cities around the globe. General Assembly is known for providing a best-in-class online learning experience to its students. It offers workshops, free training, and coding events along with full-time and part-time online classes.

Hack Design

Hack Design is a program designed to improve student’s technical skills. Intended to assist you with making a profession in design and then keep on developing. Hack Design offers a weekly design lesson delivered via email. Most content is free, and they also provide a curated list of fundamental courses in its Lessons 101 offering.


Coding-focused learning company, Skillcrush offers free and paid classes for design, user experience, digital marketing, and HTML coding. Its free coding bootcamp is loved by millions as it helps people to learn the basics and then charges for more in-depth classes with hands-on support.


You must have heard this name before from your favorite independent artists, YouTubers, or podcasters. Skillshare is a community marketplace for new skills with a broad range of subjects to develop new skills. Skillshare offers an online catalog of video-based courses, as well as in-person workshops in multiple cities.


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