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Why Tech-Savvy Teachers are Moving Towards EdTech Platforms?

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Reasons why researchers, bankers, engineers, and other tech-savvy people are turning teachers on EdTech platforms

It is 2022, and yet again the third wave of Covid-19 is pushing the world to use virtual alternatives to tasks and services. According to reports, the Indian EdTech industry was valued at US$750 million in 2020 and is expected to reach US$4 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 39.77%. One of the sectors that have benefitted from the push to digital living and learning has been EdTech or education technology. Tech-savvy teachers are choosing to continue with virtual classes, ditching the chalk and blackboard for EdTech platforms. Education technology is ruling the education sector today. This article features why researchers, bankers, engineers and other tech-savvy people are turning teachers on EdTech platforms.

The report predicts the global education technology market was valued at around US$85 Billion in 2021 and is expected to reach approx. US$218 billion in 2027, growing with a CAGR of around 17% during the forecast period from 2021-2027. The EdTech Industry has played a significant role in transforming the educational system around the world. Education technology has been a key factor in imparting education in a fun and efficient manner, through the use of videos, augmented reality, automated tutoring and online homework assistance.

Before the pandemic hit the world, teachers used to teach in physical classes. But now, with the help of EdTech platforms, online courses and classes, tech-savvy teachers are creating a positive impact on several thousands of students without worrying about geographical boundaries. And the best part about being able to teach online is that teachers are relieved from financial uncertainties. Now, they can focus on learning, doing and teaching.

Many teachers moved back to the places where they grew up during the outbreak and some presently disapprove of leaving their kids or parents-in-law at home so they favor remote working. Assuming schools demand their return, they currently have the choice to join EdTech platforms since they are presently prepared in taking online classes. While the number of tech-savvy teachers choosing to switch might still be only a small proportion of the total number of teachers, it nonetheless poses a challenge for private schools, particularly those catering to the higher income bracket, as in-person classes reopen. EdTech platforms are reducing the disparity by breaking the geographical gap and enabling students to receive education in a reformed manner. Teachers are empowered as they can provide high-quality education to a large number of students, at the comfort of their homes.

While the number of teachers deciding to change from educating may, in any case, be just a little extent of the complete number of educators, it, in any case, represents a test for non-public schools, especially those obliging the higher level of pay, as in-person classes resume. Definite information is difficult to find since it requires all schools to share the subtleties precisely. In any case, this is honestly a developing worry for non-public schools, particularly when many have put resources into fostering instructors’ advanced educational abilities. Tech-savvy teachers have even revealed that they can get hired by education technology companies since they have honed these skills in the last year and a half.

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