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Top Qualities that an Ed-Tech Leader Should Have

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A good ed-tech leader should always have some excellent and unique skills, talents, and qualities

We expect leaders to have a vision and provide direction, but in today’s atmosphere, that isn’t always the case. A person who advocates the integration of technology in a school system with the moral imperative of increasing student learning is known as an ed-tech leader. The use of technology to improve the learning environment may be accomplished by focusing on the needs of instructors or students. Today’s online learning environment  is just too complicated, and modern learning offers several problems, making it difficult for an ed-tech leader. Here are a few suggested talents and skills for leaders in the field of educational technology (ed-tech).


Self-awareness is the foundation of authentic leadership. This is said to be the most crucial trait for a leader to possess. Self-awareness entails being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses. This understanding enables leaders to capitalize on their strengths while also compensating for their flaws. Self-awareness, according to Dr. Travis Bradberry, an expert on emotional intelligence, is the capacity to properly detect your emotions and stay aware of them as they occur. Self-awareness is one of the basic abilities of emotional intelligence, according to him. When it comes to professional and personal achievement, emotional intelligence consistently outperforms IQ.

Communication abilities that are over average

Communication is an important aspect of leadership. There can be no leadership without good communication. Skilled leaders can communicate with people on a variety of levels. This is especially important in the ed-tech industry, as an ed-tech leader must explain their goods and services to a diverse group of stakeholders through online learning. They must collaborate closely with and effectively communicate with school district chief academic officers, chief financial officers, chief operating officers, as well as administrators, teachers, and parents.

Form new collaborations

A successful ed-tech leader understands the value of collaboration. He or she forms collaborations with schools to test their technologies and develop new solutions with input from kids and instructors. Kindergartens and other early learning providers, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, libraries, after-school programs, institutes of further education, and online learning providers are examples of educational partners.

Always on the lookout for new information

The capacity to lead and the willingness to learn are intrinsically linked. Leadership and learning are inextricably linked, remarked John F. Kennedy. Most genuine leaders are aware that they don’t know everything. They, like Sir Richard Branson, are willing to surround themselves with individuals who are brighter than them and learn from them about educational technology.

Ability to clarify difficult concepts

An ed-tech leader must be able to convey complicated topics to schools in a way that they understand and can apply the technology themselves. Technology is meant to make things simpler for schools, but for those who aren’t educated to operate with technology, it may be daunting. An ed-tech leader must maximize chances to assist school communities in making effective use of educational technology (ed-tech).

Inspiring ability

The ability to inspire others is a valuable leadership quality that an ed-tech leader must possess. Executives in the ed-tech industry must not only encourage their companies to innovate and achieve extraordinary heights, but they must also inspire whole school communities to trust their technology.


It’s more difficult to get support for new initiatives, technical improvements, and projects if you don’t have a vision. A leader, on the other hand, who communicates a vision with his or her team and continues to strive toward that goal will get more followers. Educators should follow a strong leader with a clear vision nearly anywhere.

These are some of the most significant traits and talents that an ed-tech leader should possess to effectively lead with utmost use of educational technology. An ed-tech leader must also be resourceful and have a strong belief in the value of learning and teaching.

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