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Top Differences between Blackboard and the Ed-tech Apps

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There are several important differences between the blackboard and the ed-tech apps which should be overcome.

A blackboard is a reusable writing surface that chalk is used to write or draw on. Blackboard is something which we use mainly in schools, colleges, or any other educational institutions. But due to the covid-19 pandemic, the educational institutions are closed for two years approximately. Students are getting detached from the common habits which they used to do in the educational institutions. They are getting habituated more with the ed-tech apps. Even teachers are also getting involved in it. Today’s classrooms are littered with ed-tech, with more teachers utilizing it than ever before. There are such differences between the blackboard and the ed-tech apps.

Several ed-tech apps can help you save time by automating grading and making it easier to track student progress. However, you cannot track a student’s progress using blackboard. The only thing you can do is observe how a student does the task in front of you or a teacher.

Ed-tech can also make data-driven tracking of student success easier. Many applications can automatically provide data on students to teachers, allowing them to quickly and readily see which abilities students have learned and which ones they need to improve. Blackboard, on the other hand, may provide you with student information. Ed-tech apps are far superior to the blackboard.

Students and teachers can communicate at any time thanks to educational technology and the internet. Students can communicate with professors using a variety of applications (without teachers giving out their email or phone number). Students may receive homework assistance, and teachers can send critical reminders to students. You can use a blackboard or chalkboard at home, but you won’t be able to recreate the classroom atmosphere, and you won’t always be able to connect with your teachers using a blackboard at home.

Many ed-tech apps are available to assist instructors with classroom management. Teachers may use technology to keep track of student conduct and keep parents informed. But blackboard can’t be used in informing parents or in classroom management.

Only ed-tech allows for the flipped classroom, in which students study at home by reading or watching lecture videos before doing assignments or discussing what they learned in class. This ground-breaking new approach to teaching and learning is sweeping the educational landscape. You can only make your students comprehend anything by writing it on the blackboard or chalkboard, such as a mathematical problem, a chart, or something similar. This will not assist you in giving lectures.

Educational technology has the potential to make learning more enjoyable. There are a plethora of educational games and applications available that engage kids and make learning fun rather than work. While using a blackboard might be entertaining, it is not the same as using educational technology. Ed-tech games are mainly tech-driven. But using blackboard or chalkboard, you can play such games which you can write on it on your own.

Students may perform more creative work with ed-tech apps. To demonstrate what they’ve learned, students might produce online presentations and digital art. Students can, however, use the blackboard to express their creativity. They can draw and write on the blackboard on their own, which is highly useful in today’s tech-driven environment.

It’s only natural to bring more educational technology (ed-tech) into the classroom. Teachers are responsible for educating children for the 21st century, which includes introducing them to technology. However, in today’s pandemic world, children’s childhoods are vanishing as a result of technology. Blackboard is something that can directly connect you with your teachers, which can only be happened in the school itself. So, it is sometimes necessary for the children to return to their old school days.

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