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Top 7 Must-try AI-Based Question Generation Platforms in EdTech

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AI-based question generation platforms help teachers to design a test paper to assess students

The utilization of artificial intelligence in EdTech is constantly increasing. In the global educational market, artificial intelligence is estimated to reach US$3.68 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 47%. In no time, Artificial intelligence in EdTech will become a deciding factor. AI-based question generation platforms are effectively getting utilized in the EdTech industry. AI-based question generation platforms help teachers to design test papers to assess students. Even students can create self-assessment tests and determine their weak areas in the subject/topic. This article features the top 7 must-try AI-based question generation platforms in EdTech.

Top AI-Based Question Generation Platforms in EdTech Industry


PrepAI is a test generation platform that uses artificial intelligence to prepare test questions on behalf of teachers. It has a user-friendly interface and accepts inputs in the form of PDF files, MS Word documents, video URLs, video files, and content from Wikipedia. PrepAI is the only test generation platform that offers this feature of scraping content directly from Wikipedia.


Eklavvya platform is developed with consultations, discussions with Educationists, Professors, Teachers, and even corporate organizations. Eklavvya is an easy system of Plug-and-Play SaaS platform to make the academic examination and hiring assessment process a lot more reliable, accurate and scalable. It is one of the best AI-based question generation platforms in the EdTech industry.

Lumos Learning

Lumos Learning helps create assessments and test papers using machine learning. The platform converts statements and answers into questions instantly. The platform essentially creates test papers for mathematics, language and grammar, and reading comprehension. The Lumos tedBookTM has been designed to comply with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) standards. Teachers can access the test metrics to analyze students’ performance and help them become proficient in each subject.


Quillionz uses artificial intelligence in EdTech to build an array of question papers with the utmost ease. Teachers can customize the assessments and make the necessary changes to create a test as per their requirements. The platform has a free subscription version to generate questions whenever necessary. Quillionz has been developed by Harbinger AI and has a unique automated question generator to prepare test papers, quizzes, and notes for teachers and students. It is one of the best AI-based question generation platforms in the field of education technology.


By utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technologies like GPT-3 and natural language processing, Questgen creates test questions for schools, HR teams, publishers, and EdTech companies. It can create several questions from the input blocks of text. The output can be exported in PDF format or as plain text. It takes just one click to generate the test questions using this platform. The input can be provided by copy-pasting the content in the text box.


Questo is one of the best AI-based question generation platforms in EdTech that helps students, educators, teachers, and tutors create test papers for any given material. The platform accepts text and images as inputs, reads the content, and produces a set of questions. The best feature of Questo is its automated revision scheduling that reminds students to focus more on topics and concepts that are hard to understand.

Softmax AI

Educational purpose AI system prepares the question bank from the given text of a paragraph. The form of input text can be extracted from images, video, and speech. The objective was to develop an advanced tool in the learning method by leveraging NLP to make life easier for students, teachers, and lifetime learners. It is one of the best AI-based question generation platforms in education technology.

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