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Top 5 Configurations to Bolster School Network Security

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5 tips in strengthening school network security to avoid susceptibility to cyberattack

School networks are usually vulnerable to cyberattacks, because children are easy to influence and lure towards an activity. Moreover, an unauthorized takeover of a school  threaten the digital infrastructure, from operating and bring all the resourceful activities to a halt. Be it a ransomware attack or any malware attack, school authorities should be prepared with sufficient cybersecurity regulations and configurations to conserve school network security from getting breached. The students are the worst sufferers of such cyberattacks besides, the people who have lost data and have come across data breaches, because they are kept offshore from studies, while the problem is fixed and somehow their lessons lag. Thus, the IT team must be on alert and practice following ways to protect the school network.

LAN Manager Awareness

Algorithms owing to Microsoft LAN Manager must be avoided, when making sensitive and confidential data being stored. Often, IT teams tend to employ Microsoft LAN managers for two-step authentications to encrypt passwords of the users. By this they attempt to encrypt their data and grant them strong school network security, which is still a far distant dream. This gets stored in the Windows, which makes the school network vulnerable to cyberattacks. Thus, to bolster cybersecurity of the school network data must be restricted from getting stored in LM hashes in Windows.

Server Message Block Protocol

In order to extract and hinder data transfers from one server to another, MITM or Man-In-The-Middle erupts and assumes legitimate identity to deceive the user chain in the school network. By implementing Server Message Block protocol, the school network security, could be rewarded with praise as it will recognise the legitimate digital signatures and only them to enter the communication space unlike the once trying to pollute through MITM.

Security Certificate Management

SSL certificates are positively issued by schools and universities to keep up with the privacy of the school network. School network security often relies upon the security certificate to prevent suspicious crawling in the website. However, these certificates lose agility with time and expire, IT teams must keep up with the developments, as one negligence can invite a big deal of trouble. Cyberattacks occur as soon as the cybercriminal realizes the vulnerability of the network. Therefore, regular checks and updates must be employed besides preparing reports on security certificates annually.

Regular Security Audit

School network security teams should always suggest third-party audit teams, to inspect the condition of the cybersecurity measures applied in the school network. Although the expenses on this are high, it is worth performing as a staple practice to ensure cyberattacks are kept aside and avoided. With the changing world, adaptive learning is the only way out and security experts in audit visits can be highly assistive in this, as they are also aware of school networks to upgrade accordingly and also intimate them about their readiness. Some might take this as a luxury, but practising security audits are exceedingly recommended.

Compliance With TLS Protocols

The full form of TLS is Transport Layer Security, which is considered to be highly advanced security protection after SSL. Both TLS and SSL ensure authentic access to web traffic and manage private and public school networks. To constantly enable the private servers and devices to operate, they have to give permissions. Both public and private networks are managed by the IT team, as they are empowered to determine data access to different people. Until the user belongs to the school, they will not be exposed to the school network’s resources, further bolstering school network security multiple times to encrypt registered data and other resources.


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