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Top 10 Reasons for Installing Computer Vision in Education

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Applications of computer vision in education is expanding opportunities to yield greater surveillance

Computer vision applications through the use of AI vision consider a particular frame of the camera to be analyzed and examined in cases of evaluating students’ involvement in class and the degree of teacher’s efforts in delivering the lesson. Applications of computer vision in education try to understand the learning environment from the captured video with the assistance of AI algorithms. Robust deep learning methodologies have facilitated image classification and video analytics.

Attendance Management

 Face recognition application helps AI vision to detect and register the attendance of the students recorded in the CCTV cameras. The monitoring system also recognizes tired and inattentive faces and alerts the teacher in charge.

Remote Examination

 Distant education has caused greater susceptibility to cheating during exams. Automated proctoring systems evaluate student behavior, facial expression and other movements to detect suspicious attempts to cheat. Computer vision in education is highly advantageous mainly during the examination as it knocks down widespread concerns.

Interpreting Handwriting

 Applications of computer vision in education are sparsely used across the industry for various needs portrayed by professors and teachers. Recognizing the meaningful excerpt from difficult-to-understand becomes extremely tedious as it consumes prolonged durations to move to other papers. Computer vision application aids in scoring the comprehensive handwriting one by one so that it helps teachers to select which are to be done before and after.

Facial Indication

 Besides inattentive behavior, sometimes students also carry a facial expression that needs to be clearly understood by teachers and not confuse them. Computer vision application, by detecting the students faces recognizing how effectively a lesson is imparted as it rates the number of students finding it interesting and a number of students finding it boring. Some students also long to understand a subtle word said by teachers which may be skipped by the educator, these are usefully communicated by computer vision in education.

School Parking Analysis

 The computer vision application notifies students and teachers in real-time the availability of parking slots and their occupancy by recognizing the needs of different individuals based on their frequency to park vehicles. The video feed is also used for security purposes and generate enough convenience for school students and teachers.

Illicit Entrance

 Human guards sometimes fall short of efficiency of not appropriately recognizing trespassers to the campus, hence computer vision in education is essential to keep students safe from danger. The application of computer vision uses surveillance cameras to identify the perpetrators.

Preventing Vandalism

 Often universities are targeted for vandalism and threats by mobs. Thus, computer vision in education serves the best interests of the student’s safety by alerting the security department of any prospective attacks or anticipated movement towards the campus. The AI vision is clever enough to recognize the nature of the crowds moving around.

Pointing Harmful Objects

 Computer vision in education has immense capabilities to capture diverse situations of crisis. Similar to the above two, suspicious objects that are detrimental to human beings are identified quickly by AI vision or computer vision applications. This further prevents the security personnel to review the video multiple times or rather neglecting it at the moment. On-time detection and actions are possible.

Social Distance Observer

 According to COVID Appropriate Behaviors, it is necessary to contain the virus by maintaining physical distance and avoiding the crowd. With the help of specialized algorithms, AI vision makes the learning environment safer as it performs video analytics to ensure no crowd of people is formed. Similarly, with mask mandates, students wearing and violating mask regulations are easily detected.

Privacy Conscious

 As computer vision applications record the learning environment of a particular organization, it does not breach the privacy of the university or school, thus, keep from sending it to the cloud. Implying, using computer vision in education is risk-free and efficient.

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