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Top 10 IT Skills Companies are Looking For in 2021

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IT skills

These top IT skills are ruling the world of information technology

IT has been an ever-evolving field. With more and more developments taking place, IT skills are also evolving. Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, etc. are shaping the future of IT. As the pandemic keeps on affecting us all, there have been major changes in how enterprises are working today. This implies that IT plays a key role here to bolster the change. Moreover, with such transformations, a lot of IT skills are in demand to help enterprises achieve success through transformations.

As indicated by Burning Glass Technologies, the two IT skills getting the most attractive salary today and in 2021 are IT Automation ($24,969) and AI and Machine Learning ($14,175). Let’s look at the other top IT skills that are in demand in 2021.

Cloud Computing

Taking the first place as most in-demand skills of 2021 by Global Knowledge, cloud computing skills incorporate anything from building cloud frameworks to keeping up with them. Working with the cloud can open ways to work opportunities like cloud developer, cloud administrator, and cloud engineer.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The World Economic Forum says AI will make 133 million new jobs by 2025. Furthermore, in light of the fact that AI can perform tasks like image and speech recognition and facial recognition quicker and more precisely than people, AI skills are getting profoundly pursued. Machine learning is a subset of AI that mines data to provide insights and execute rule-based tasks effectively. Working in the field of machine learning demands knowledge of robotics, neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), etc.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made organizations more powerless than ever to cybercrime. By furnishing themselves with cybersecurity skills, such as risk identification and management, IT professionals can help guard enterprises’ sensitive information.


Having the skill to program will be an unquestionable requirement for the individuals who need to develop software, web applications, and sites. It’ll likewise be helpful for IT professionals who need to automate tasks. Languages like Python, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. are normally required for software engineers to know and can be requested from IT experts too.

Big Data

Big data empowers organizations to dissect enormous amounts of data and make informed and data-driven decisions. IT skills in 2021 that are related to big data

incorporate compelling data handling skills, problem-solving skills, and strong knowledge of programming languages. By seeking after these capabilities, IT professionals can advance their career.


Despite blockchain always being connected with cryptocurrencies, it is additionally progressively utilized as an innovative answer for document storage, peer-to-peer payments, crowdfunding and identity management and banking. With an ever-increasing number of ventures embracing blockchain technologies, it’s nothing unexpected that LinkedIn as of late positioned ‘blockchain developers top of the most in-demand skills for the coming year.


Automation ensures productivity, which is by and large what numerous organizations need in the wake of the current worldwide health crisis. A couple of automation-related skills tech experts always look forward to are cybersecurity skills, virtualization skills, and troubleshooting skills.


DevOps—a blend of development and operations, goes about as a scaffold between the software development and IT teams. Despite the fact that a field unto itself, DevOps skills can help in both the IT and development parts of running an enterprise. Working in DevOps regularly implies turning into a DevOps engineer.

Data Analytics

An IT professional knowledgeable in data analytics can inspect raw information and arrive at conclusions that empower organizations to improve business results. As a top IT skill in demand during the current year, it is indispensable that tech experts gain proficiency in data analytics. Acquiring some of the skills mentioned above, for example, AI, machine learning, language programming skills, etc. will fortify your data analytics skillset.

Mobile and Software Development

The interest for developers is growing quickly due to the expanding demand for software and apps as we become all the more digitally connected globally. Full-stack developers took second place in Indeed’s best positions of 2020 study and ranked top in terms of growth. What’s more, the demand for mobile application development skills keeps on increasing with engineers commonly needed to have insight in programming, UX configuration, debugging and troubleshooting projects, and development.

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