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Preparedness of School Infrastructures to Facilitate Future Learning

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Prevailing school infrastructure’s capacity to imbibe smart education tools to enable future learning

Current school infrastructures across southeast Asia specifically is not entirely prepared for the ambition of future learning through smart network. Although multiple digital transformations have occurred in them, education technology has yet not excelled more than just video conference applications and teaching and learning. An education technology set up is not enough until that can support high-notch software that can prevent the real sense of surveillance in education getting diminished. As digital transformation in education industry is often referred to not as efficient as in-person learning. However, it is believed that envisioning future learning environment is not impossible as the future is here with the smart education technologies that have facilitated education from home.

Haste Adoption

Education technology has become a common concept in almost everywhere as the pandemic began to sweep across the world. Complying with the immediacy of the situation, school infrastructures were compelled to adopt digital transformation to continue the process of teaching and learning. Amidst the anxiety ushering in with the pandemic and digital transformation, the necessity for smart education was partially or fully ignored. However, continuous negligence of smart education tool can also impair the efficiency of education technology. As far as the discovery of future learning being conducted through education technology is concerned, it cannot be a reality until school infrastructures are empowered with smart education tools. Besides, the lockdown crisis have triggered enough fear amongst the education authorities and not having robust technology to support the idea can only lead the future learning concept to be in a miserable state. Therefore, considering the ongoing crisis as a lesson, learning how the school infrastructure can regain the regulation over online learning will enable worriless education.

Future Learning Infrastructure

An ideal school infrastructure that could be said to suit the future learning environment will have to be profusely endowed with multiple smart education tools. One, owing to the urgency of the circumstance or crisis an instant digital transformation will be required without a stumble network. This will facilitate innumerable number of devices intruding into the network and using the smart education tool. In simple word accessibility should be uninterrupted. Second, each educational organization must possess a common network for themselves by synchronizing storage, communication both audio-visual and written including file transfer. Augmented provisions like screen sharing.

Cyberattack Management

Education technology is facilitated through the world wide web and students are invited over connected devices. This furthers the likelihood of cyberattacks. There in order to reduce the vulnerability. Smart education tools or a smart network empowered enough to identify threats should be employed. This will make future learning highly safer. An encrypted foundation of the platform will assure security. Building a single network system will enable the educational institution to keep close eyes on the various devices and networks linking to the network. The primary base of future learning reflects the need for robust cybersecurity measures that can be facilitated by smart network.

Network Credibility

Smart networks encourage educational institutions to improve their degree of configuration across the EdTech software they use. Optimizing the systems and the school infrastructure to maximize the connectivity of the unified network will accelerate the operations in the platform. Emerging technologies like AI and IoT are quite hefty for a usual network to accommodate, therefore majorly hindering the bandwidth to perform at its optimum. A single network with smart functions will initiate a better future learning experience than multiple networks corresponding to each other for a particular school infrastructure.

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