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Make Way for a New Initiative by MIT: RAISE

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Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education

RAISE will ensure responsible use of AI in education and other parts of the society

Technology is a term that is dominating the present world and AI technology is gradually acquiring prevalence. Regardless of whether it is in the field of healthcare, manufacturing plant works, or even our everyday lives, AI technology has demonstrated itself to be an excellent aid. This technology was once considered ‘hazardous’ and ‘outlandish’. However, with advances in AI, it is now a crucial part of human life.

The Government of India hosted a Global Virtual Summit on Artificial Intelligence (AI), RAISE 2020, likewise Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020. This is a first of its kind summit which will zero in on India’s vision and the potential guide of utilizing AI for what is generally anticipated to lead social change, inclusion and empowerment. The virtual summit had industry pioneers and AI experts who shared their perspectives and on the utilization of AI for social advantage, the potential of AI in empowering communities as well as the significance of making a solid infrastructure.

RAISE 2020 was an initiative taken in India in 2020. MIT has also come up with a new similar named (RAISE) initiative to promote artificial intelligence in education.

A cross-disciplinary research initiative at MIT intends to advance the comprehension and utilization of AI across all fragments of society. The initiative, called Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education (RAISE), will foster new teaching approaches and tools to connect with students in settings from preK-12 to the workforce.

Founded in the MIT Media Lab, RAISE is a collaboration with the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing and MIT Open Learning. The drive will participate in research combined with education and outreach endeavors to progress new knowledge and innovative technologies to help how different individuals learn  about AI also as how AI can assist with improving human learning. Through Open Learning and the Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL), RAISE will likewise broaden its reach into a worldwide network where justice and equity are critical.

The new drive will participate in research, education, and outreach activities to propel four key potential regions: AI-supported learning, diversity and inclusion in AI, AI workforce training, and AI literacy in preK-12 education. The new knowledge, materials, technological advancements, and projects created by RAISE are utilized by other AI training programs across MIT and beyond to enhance their efficacy, experience, value, and effect.

This spring, RAISE is introducing a K-12 effort program called Future Makers. The program brings practical and engaging learning experiences about AI basics and critical thinking about societal implications to teachers and students, primarily from underserved or under-resourced communities, such as schools receiving Title I services.

Ethics and AI will be a core part of the drive’s educational curricula and learning tools. MIT’s philosophy is that children should learn about the technical concepts interconnected with  ethical design practices. Thoroughly considering the cultural implications can’t be a reconsideration.

As the economic and technological landscape are modernizing so rapidly, a significant challenge broadly and worldwide is to improve the effectiveness, availability, and value of preK-12 schooling, community college, and workforce development. Artificial intelligence offers enormous value for new pedagogies and platforms. Creating and implementing advanced technologies in computing for the public good is fundamental to the mission of the Schwarzman College of Computing.

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