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Enhance Remote Employee Training with Video-based Learning

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Remote employee training

These strategies can help employers effectively plan video-based learning

Remote employee training is an interesting issue at present and that is primarily since it has been pushed into the spotlight because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless companies, both public and private, have been compelled to embrace a remote training model, however with basically no planning or lead time. But to make sure training is delivered effectively, organizations are relying on video-based learning.

Video training is quite effective for individuals who telecommute or at a remote location. It tends to be conveniently executed through different sources, like online courses, webinars, digital broadcasts, live internet preparing, and other e-learning tools.

The absence of vis-à-vis communication is a usually common issue identified with remote working, by and large, however, it very well may be a problem area for remote training, especially if the switch has recently been produced using classroom-based models. Here are five strategies to incorporate video-based learning for remote employee training

Make a Powerful Training Plan

When employees have a predictable and straightforward timetable for preparing, they’ll focus on it and employers can get higher participation.

A thoroughly examined video timetable will guarantee that any employee who needs to take the learning has access to an appropriate time and date. It’s not difficult to deal with all video training exercises with the LMS schedule. Instead of having training attendance reports and other significant data tossed across different documents, spreadsheets, and daily agendas, a comprehensive video training coordinates everything in a single tab.

Provide Microlearning Videos

You can adequately utilize 2-to 3-minute long microlearning videos to provide quick information to employees. The significant benefit of this video-based training is that it can educate or prepare the student around one single idea, process, activity, ability, or insight. This easy to understand approach makes it simple to give effectively digestible and significant content to remote training of employees.

Microlearning videos can serve employees with the learning whenever needed. Employers can likewise utilize these videos to give modern and specific data about the most recent happenings in the industry to keep them updated on the most recent data

Mobile Video Learning

Employers can provide excellent training to remote employees in a cost-effective way, utilizing mobile phones. Mobile learning eliminates the requirement for the workforce to go to classroom sessions, traveling long distances. Employees can access courses whenever, anyplace, comfortably, on their mobile phones. Besides, mobile video learning courses are trainer-independent, which implies that employers don’t need to burn through cash on recruiting mentors. Every one of these components makes remote employee training exceptionally savvy.

Engage Employees

Since it is remote training, employers need to track down some extra approaches to make some additional engagement. For instance, videos can be used to felicitate your employees’ training efforts. Frequently, online learning platforms have a pre-built certification feature that automatically grants employees certificates. Employees could likewise consider utilizing the gamification highlights, which is again heavily dependent on videos. Ensure videos are interactive enough to make employees glued to the training.

Video Resources Library

Employers can construct a vault of training videos as a feature of an organization’s LMS to offer a more extensive range of training assets to their employees. Employees can look at a subject of their choice and access video training online whenever they wish to. Employers can upload videos on a wide assortment of themes that aims at upskilling employees.

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