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EdTech Consumerism Is Causing a Decline in EdTech Development

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EdTech Consumerism

Perilous growth of EdTech consumerism is exhibiting adverse implications to EdTech development

Growing concerns of the EdTech curriculum falling short of effectiveness are bothering the target audience of EdTech. EdTech consumerism has a crucial role to play in this context as the creation of lessons on the EdTech platforms are not appearing equivalent to the skills that need to be conquered. The reason for this is not because of the lack of course content, it is because of the enormous quantity of course content that is not contributing to the growth of the learners. Therefore, implying an unfavourable situation for EdTech development. The inability of the EdTech platforms to distinguish between prosumers and consumers has led to this blooper.

Regular EdTech Curriculum

Generally, the contents of the EdTech curriculum include lectures and graphically adorned videos. Although these kinds of programs facilitate considerable engagement of the learners, it is not enough to cultivate their skills to be positioned at the desired levels. To inculcate the lessons and deliver an effective result to the users, it is essential that sufficient efforts are made by the developers of EdTech platforms. While attractive interfaces help students to pay attention, outcome-oriented lessons can yield skill satisfaction.

Importance of EdTech

EdTech services are extensively meant for learners who are more inclined in acquiring knowledge and competence rather than earning a dignified certificate. The factor that matters the most to the users of EdTech is the extent to which they are excelling their skills and turning into constructive individuals after that. Successful delivery of this promise to the learners determines the EdTech development further.

Cause of Decline

However, unfortunately, the race of assuming profit has caused these EdTech platforms to follow EdTech consumerism. In the light of EdTech consumerism, the demand of the consumers is fulfilled over the prosumers. Further explaining the difference between prosumers and consumers, prosumers implement their acquisition of the product while consumers procure it without an objective of carrying it forward. This mindset of EdTech has plunged it to the level of the ineffective model of learning excluding a few individuals who are exceptionally dedicated and committed to succeed.

Incorporate Impactful Technique

Although a handful of EdTech platforms employ certain techniques to evaluate the reception of the lessons by students, the majority fails to address the assessments and exercises, which are inevitably faced by the students in offline education. The realization that EdTech consumerism is not taking the EdTech development anywhere will certainly implant factors that will be meaningful in terms of result-oriented studies. Lectures and instructions which are in abundance need to be paired up with practical knowledge to empower the learners to gain confidence. This demands incorporating regular exercises and assessments and their evaluation. Once a lesson is imparted, it must be ensured that the student has received adequate skills to implement in real life and that they can perform it at an above-average level.

Extra Mile of Creativity

Building a learning experience is more challenging than building just a content piece. This confirms the accuracy and integrity of the lessons to the students. Getting creative with the assessments and exercises can lead to impactful learning. For example, a professional lesson should depict projects that enable the students to communicate with the right people belonging to the industry they desire to be a part of. Moreover, evaluation should be more precise and personalized in order to excel over traditional mode as well as the regular EdTech curriculum. It should be so enhancing in nature that it motivates the students and inspires them to continue their efforts.  By renouncing EdTech consumerism the industry can touch new heights, further facilitating the learners to be inclined to EdTech.

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