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Top 5 Predictions in the Education Sector in 2021

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Predictions in the education sectorpredictions in the education sector

These predictions in the education sector will enable more value addition

The year 2020 has been a disruptive year for every industry. Nonetheless, it has been revolutionary in the education industry. The global pandemic compelled schools to go online and the demand for online platforms increased tremendously. The digitization of education will continue and is here to stay. Experts have so many predictions in the education sector as they believe 2021 will be the transformational year for education as a whole.

New educational tools and platforms have encouraged teachers and students to embrace online learning. However, this abrupt shift to an online learning model has been quite challenging for educators as they were not prepared for this shift and had the pressure to maintain the quality of education through online learning.

Since we are already in the fourth month of 2021, this year seems promising to enhance the overall educational experience. Let’s look at some of the predictions in the education sector that will shape the future of this valuable industry.

Demand for LMS

LMSs are learning management systems that help teachers to track students’ learning process, depicting their performance and other aspects that need the teacher’s attention. 2020 witnessed the increased adoption of LMSs platforms like Frog, Google Classroom, etc.

This year, we will see the growth of new LMS platforms. However, these platforms are vulnerable to new, unpredicted threats, like Zoombombing. Schools and educational institutes should ensure best security practices as online learning will continue this year as well.

Online Learning

Online learning will be conducted almost the entire year of 2021. Students as well as teachers are now well-prepared to learn through the online experience. Further, online learning has gradually increased the access to learning and engagement activities.

However, parents might expect a lot in terms of online learning. Online learning is no more putting great and fancy content out. Today, it is more about cohort-based learning that encourages student learning through engaging assessments that enables long-lasting learning. For this, educational institutions should have the right strategies and practices in place that empower self-directed learning and high-quality assessments.

Videos are the New Tools

Videos will be the core tools of online learning systems. Teachers will be featured in the recorded videos that parents will watch and help their kids learn. Recorded videos will be in huge numbers, helping educators take care of the one-to-many ratio.

In videos too, texts will be reduced and more use of images will be encouraged. Images help in retention and accessibility. However, videos won’t be too long as they affect the learning experience. We can expect 12 minutes for seniors and one minute for first graders.

Increased Adoption of Gamification

Probably everyone today knows about Minecraft – a learning game. But, did you know about other services that enable you to learn through playing? Roblox, While True: Learn, Classcraft, etc. are some examples. Gamification of the learning process will enhance the students’ engagement and make them more interested in learning.

Nonetheless, it has certain cons as well. With introducing games in the classroom, students will be again exposed to risks such as trolls and bullying, malicious files, etc.

Flexible Learning Options

Due to the outbreak of pandemic and its effects that are felt till now, parents are not commuting to the workplace and doing remote working. This is helping them to spend more time with children and be a part of the learning process wherever they may be. Educational institutions will offer learning programs that enable more flexible access.

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