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Leading Education Companies in India Disrupting Education Industry

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Education companies in India

Leading education companies in India are providing cutting-edge solutions

Educational institutions play an essential role in the development of a kid, society, and the world on the loose. It has consistently been tracked down that the nations with the most noteworthy economies are upheld up and supported by strong education systems. The education industry in India is also amping up with more and more education companies transforming the industry with tech developments and advancements.

India’s higher education segment is anticipated to increase to US$35.03 billion by 2025. Let’s look at leading education companies that are making valuable contributions through their education offerings.


NIIT is a main Skills and Talent Development Corporation that is building a workforce pool for worldwide industry requirements. The organization was set up in 1981 to help the early IT industry beat its human resource challenges. NIIT was awarded as ‘Best Education Company to work with” at Indian Education Congress and Awards 2020. NIIT has two fundamental lines of business across the globe – Corporate Learning Group and Skills and Careers Business.

Zee Learn

Zee Learn is India’s leading organization in education with the fastest growing chain of K-12 schools – Mount Litera Zee School and Asia’s No 1 chain of pre-school networks– Kidzee in its portfolio. Empowered by its broad experience with comprehension of education and learning, Zee Learn is stretching out its services to different schools. Zee Learn School Innovations works with existing schools to improve their student results and productivity through a school audit that finds improvement areas.

Calorx Education Company Pvt. Ltd

Situated in Ahmedabad, Calorx is a NonProfit independent institution. Since 1995, the organization has been giving refined K-12 education offerings in India. Calorx is a part of Calorx Group of Companies situated in New Delhi operating in finance, hospitality and real estate sectors. Each letter in the word ‘Calorx’ represents the values the organization unequivocally believes in. These incorporate collaboration for ‘C’, academic excellence for ‘A’, living in the gap ‘L’, ownership for ‘O’, raison d’etre – humanistic approach for ‘R’ and X Factor – Speed with Accuracy for ‘X’.

Greycells Education

Greycells Education since February 2004 has been building a history to set up itself in the media and entertainment space. Greycells was principally started to provide content within the entertainment industry, with pertinence in outsourcing of shooting animation graphic and post-production services. The Company has executed different activities for domestic & international audiences.


Educomp is at the cutting-edge of the evolution of education in the 21st century. As the biggest education company in India, Educomp has transformed the whole education ecosystem by making and utilizing digital products and online solutions. After the print machine, Educomp is initiating the second-wave of the development of education with its diverse range of learning solutions.

Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited

Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited offers educational support services. The company offers project planning and execution, school framework plan, human resource, marketing and promotion, and technology support services. As of now, it is working under three business units with 154 franchised preschools under the brand name of Shanti Juniors, 6 K-12 schools under the brand name of Shanti Asiatic School, and 5 premium classification preschools under the brand name of Shanti’s Hopskotch across India.


Everonn is one of the leading educational companies in India. Being recorded in both the NSE and BSE, it is the biggest VSAT education network on the planet. It has a firm foothold in different education sectors like schools, universities, web products, placement test guidance, retail, teacher preparation, training resources, e-governance, etc. During its commencement in 1987, the organization was called Systems International, which gave computer education  at schools. Since that time, it has grown as an innovator in changing education in India.

Next Education

Established in 2007, Next Education is a quickly developing, SaaS-based technology-driven organization disrupting the education system in India. Consistently, its inventive productions and solutions change the existence of 10% of India’s private-school-going children. More than 12,000,000 students from different socio-cultural backgrounds learn in 18,000 partner schools across India.

Vantage Knowledge Academy Ltd.

Vantage Knowledge Academy Ltd. is a leading organization for giving quality education of international standards to people wishing to start a profession in Finance and Banking. Set up by a group of forward looking experts with a dream to create a new platform for education of the future generation. Its core programs are especially designated to those seeking after graduation with a major in Commerce and the individuals who have quite recently graduated and are looking for a career in the finance

(Banking included) domain with employability factor as its sole objective.


Pearson has been at the forefront of education across the world since 1844 starting from Yorkshire in the North of England. Today, with a presence in more than 70 nations throughout the planet, Pearson has been leading the manner in which the world is learning and offers a range of products and services across the whole learner journey. In India, Pearson started its operations in 1997 and has over 7000+ schools and colleges alongside other educational partners. Pearson is focused on continuously finding, learning, improving and empowering students to continue the path of always learning.

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