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Best Fellowships in India that You Should Definitely Try

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Fellowship programs in India

While internships and part-time jobs are recommended while studying to give yourself an edge in the competitive business world, fellowship programs in India are also gaining a lot of importance. Today, the business world is looking for candidates that have hands-on experience and not just a degree to get a job. Through a fellowship, students can expand their knowledge and experience and show employers that they are job ready.

Through an Indian fellowship, students can be a part of short term opportunities for a short period of time with a particular organization or institution. Such short term commitments can help in shaping the thought process of students and help them know the ground realities of a corporate job.

Let’s look at the best fellowships in India that you should definitely try.

Vedica Scholars

The Vedica Scholars Program for Women is an extraordinary opportunity compared to the customary MBA program. The Program’s core goal is to prepare women with the potential to accomplish satisfying careers and make a framework of successful women professionals for the 21st century. The program is a blend of classroom learning, hands-on work experience, and tutoring and training by the absolute most motivating academics and experts of our times.

Teach for India Fellowship

Teach for India Fellowship is a part of the ‘Teach for All’ worldwide network. The Teach For India Fellowship program is a 2 year full-time paid commitment wherein the most encouraging graduates and experts are set as full-time teachers in under-resourced and low pay schools. The Fellowship program is thorough, challenging and gives fellows a chance to foster themselves as leaders and at the same time change the existences of the children under their care.

Gandhi Fellowship Program

The fellowship is framed on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi one of them being, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. It is worked around exercises like leadership curriculum, Kaun Banega The New Millionaire, boot camps, workshops, and so forth They additionally pay allowances for phone, lodging and transport.

Swachh Bharat Fellowship

With a view to fortify the government’s Swachh Bharat Initiative, this local level fellowship was established. There is a training system set up after which the chosen candidates are put in provincial regions for around eleven months. There are no severe criterias for application and any individual who has a degree alongside the enthusiasm to work sincerely and wants to make a change in the society can apply

Young India Fellowship

The Young India Fellowship (YIF) is a one-year multidisciplinary postgraduate programme in Liberal Studies. The fellowship unites a gathering of 300 brilliant young people who show remarkable scholarly ability and leadership potential from the nation over, and trains them to turn out to be socially dedicated problem solvers.

SBI Youth for India Fellowship

This fellowship is an extraordinary illustration of what the private sector can do to lessen the disparities in the urban and rural sides of the nation. The fellowship has acquired momentum and is presently upheld by a strong and equipped alumni.

The program works as a team with various popular and essential NGOs, which helps the students not just to contribute yet additionally assists them with estimating the changes they make.

Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship

The LAMP partnership allows brilliant young Indian residents to have a high-impact commitment to the policy-making process at a national level by putting one authoritative legislative assistant to work with one member of Parliament. The LAMP Fellows are locked in full-time for 11 months to work with the appointed MP from the start of the monsoon session to the end of the budget session of Parliament.

William J Clinton Fellowship

This American India Fellowship centers around the economic and social issues in India through the United States. Its fundamental goal is to guarantee resources and facilities for marginalized groups. It is a 10-month fellowship that includes the choice of exceptionally skilled and enthusiastic young experts between the ages of 21-35. All Indian and U.S residents are qualified, regardless of the field.

Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship

Azim Premji University has become very well known over a couple of years for its qualitative research and skilled student base. There’s a ton of competition on account of this fellowship and requests for a higher qualification when compared to different fellowships that ask just for basic degrees. The students likewise get an allowance of 35,000 rupees during the year-old fellowship.

Naropa Fellowship

Naropa Fellowship is a one-year, completely residential, post-graduate, academic program established by His Eminence Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche and Dr Pramath Raj Sinha, the establishing dignitary of the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad.

The fellowship centers around making and supporting problem solvers who will pursue building a sustainable socio-economic environment in Ladakh and the Himalayas. It tries to cultivate entrepreneurship, retains local talent while safeguarding the cultural heritage of the region.

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