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5 Engaging Activities in Classrooms that Teachers Can Use

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Engaging activities

Engaging activities in classrooms can build a strong relationship between a student and teacher

Teaching is a respectable calling where the teachers are viewed as the essential elements of the training framework. Teaching has been in existence for ages, changing and evolving with time. Today, as the world is tech-driven, teachers also need to change their pedagogy to keep students engaged and facilitate better learning. Hence, sometimes, ordinary teaching isn’t useful as a student’s brain is curious. The school students’ brain gets easily exhausted with traditional learning style. The mind needs more engaging activities.

A few educators make a decent attempt to make boring lessons exceptionally fascinating through various exercises. With the assistance of teaching-related classroom activities in schools, students additionally foster confidence and improve their motivation, focus, physical and knowledge skills. Let’s look at some interesting engaging activities in classrooms that teachers can use to foster better learning.

Think, Pair and Share

In this, teachers can make questions dependent on a specific topic taught in the class. They can pair up students for this exercise. Give them sufficient time to think and provide solutions as they will be able to share their thoughts on those specific topics. With this activity, students will actually want to engage themselves in discussion with partners and foster their confidence and communication abilities.


The best part about games is the majority of them can be shaped for a digital classroom. Numerous schools are utilizing a hybrid solution, while parents choose if they want their children to return to the jam-packed passages. In-person interactive games like trivia or book-based scrounger chases are as yet incredible choices, however, using technology can make these games somewhat more intuitive also.


An enormous part of significant learning is discovering intuitive classroom activities that are applicable to daily life and a technology more relevant to today’s students is YouTube.

YouTube can yield a video applicable to nearly anything in your educational program and be paired with an article or journal. A somewhat senseless video can go far in aiding students to contextualize what they are learning. Teachers can enable watching the video as a class and afterwards break into smaller groups to talk about it. Get your students contemplating how the clip they are shown pairs with the essential sources they’ve effectively read.

Role Play

In this, teachers can request that students plan for a role play on any topic dependent on the educational program. For instance, making a successful role-play of any historical figures or any characters and enacting. Teachers can split the class into a few groups with an equal number of students in each group. Teachers can request students to arrange and structure the play so that the content they need to cover is addressed properly.

Role play can assist students with spurring themselves to tackle any issues or to determine the conflict of the character. Likewise, it gives a stage to students to comprehend the issue and foster skills recorded in reading, research, and so forth.

Philosophical Chairs

Generally, a statement that has two potential reactions—agree or disagree—is recited for all to hear. Contingent upon whether they agree or disagree with this statement, students move to one side of the room or the other. After everybody has picked a side, ask a couple of students on each side to take turns defending their positions. This permits students to envision where their companions’ feelings come from, comparative with their own.

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