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Information Technology

Top IT Skills for 2021 that will Rule the World of Technology

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If you want to grow in the tech field, gain expertise in some of the top IT skills for 2021

Covid-19 pandemic has definitely made one thing clear – technology can help in solving issues faster and better. Having said that, the need for tech people is crucial. As the demand for individuals with cutting-edge technical skills is rising, numerous organizations are investing more into recruiting, employing, and sustaining the correct talent to stay in global competition.

As the universe of technology keeps on evolving quickly, demand for experts with advanced IT skills has never been higher. Having the correct blend of technical expertise, hands-on experience and soft skills can help you dazzle your employer and land a lucrative job in one of the quickest developing fields in information technology.

As per PayScale, having knowledge of most demanded technologies can boost the compensation by 14-26%. Let’s look at some of the most in-demand IT skills for 2021, which will help both increment your demand in the tech market and your value as an employee.


In the wake of pandemic recovery, cybersecurity has been one of the top priorities of companies. Pretty much every digital business faces security threats. Job roles in the field of cybersecurity range from security engineer to ethical hacker to Chief Security Officer.

Cybersecurity is one of the top technology patterns in 2021 given the significance for organizations that gather customer data to keep their networks secure from attacks. A deficiency of cybersecurity skills among IT experts has provoked an in-demand market for those with information security, vulnerability assessment, cybersecurity, and network security skills.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two hot trendy expressions that have become inseparable since development. Today, AI and ML are utilized in an immense number of applications and services.

As indicated by LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, hiring growth for Artificial Intelligence Specialists has grown by 74% annually in the last 4 years. TensorFlow, Python, Java, R, and Natural Language Processing are skills that you should know today to improve your odds of getting recruited for an AI or ML job as these skills presently have the highest demand. Due to the current fame, IT professionals who are learning AI and ML are certain to procure the most significant compensations and demand in 2021.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Resulting from need with actual experience being unimaginable during lockdown like conditions, the new norm is a digital personalized experience. During this time, the developing dependence on digital interactions has urged many people for personalized human experiences.

Very nearly 3/4 of programmers foresee the full effect of AR and VR will be more evident in the coming 5 years. Creating knowledge in unity will assist IT experts with coding abilities to pave a way into extended reality, which is a collective term for AR and VR.

Cloud computing

Truth be told, the pandemic taught IT professionals the best way to make cloud work for their organizations. One of the most grounded tech careers to be in 2020, the Covid-19 emergency helped growth in cloud computing. The cloud explosion will open up job opportunities for cloud computing engineers who can configure, plan, oversee, keep up and support cloud computing. Gartner predicts by 2022, the public cloud market will be a $331.2 billion market opportunity overwhelmed by market pioneer Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Robotic Process Automation

The worldwide robotic process automation market (or RPA for short) is relied upon to develop at twofold rates, coming to almost $2 billion in yearly revenue in 2021. Basically, it utilizes software and bots to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, letting employees concentrate on value-added tasks. With this growth, it’s quite certain we will need people with RPA skills to effectively oversee the work done by bots.

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