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Top 10 ways smartphones can be used for your teen’s education.

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Different ways smartphones can be used for your teen’s education.

Mobile gadgets are more than just fancy toys for teens and for their education. A smartphone stands for independence, access, responsibility, and freedom, much like a driver’s license or another milestone on the path to adulthood. The idea that a mobile device is a tool for your teens to gain independence should serve as the foundation for ethical mobile phone use. The development and widespread use of smartphones have fundamentally altered how people communicate and access information. You may text your classmate about the assignment you missed, phone your spouse to ask them out to dinner, and Google whatever weird query you have all on the same device.

However, a phone’s function has expanded to include much more than just making corded phone calls. While some of today’s teens might not be able to recall a period before cell phones, others have had to pick up the skills necessary to use a smartphone and all of its features. Additionally, it seems like there’s something new to learn every day due to the increased commitment to innovation and technology.


Ten ways that smartphones can assist teens in learning so that they are better prepared for their objectives and education:


Staying in touch with your work and assignment

You can always stay connected to your learning management system thanks to the power of the internet.

For instance, Moodle is used at Cornerstone University, where you may access all of your resources, assignments, and discussion boards. Additionally, you can access the resources you require whenever you require them because Moodle is mobile-friendly and can be used on a laptop or even just a smartphone.


Record Lecture

Do you find it challenging to pay attention to the instructor and your notes simultaneously during class? The ability to record on your smartphone will be useful in this situation. You can use your smartphone to record the conversation or lecture so you can listen to it later if necessary. You can ensure you don’t miss any details by getting it documented. Before class, make sure to ask the instructor if it’s acceptable to record the conversations.


Use Note Taking Apps

Create a new folder and include some productivity-oriented apps in addition to your Facebook, Bible, and Solitaire apps. There are many apps available to keep your notes safe and organized while helping you stay organized. Your vital files can be stored on your phone with the use of apps like Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox so that you can access them whenever and wherever you are. Even better, you can use these apps to coordinate with your PC job.

With the use of smartphones, it is possible to align learning with cultural trends. Ray Kurzweil made the following comments regarding the impact of mobile learning: Technology makes it possible for us to be mobile. We want to make sure that learning fits with our way of life.


Listen to Podcasts

Given the possibilities of smartphones, there are many ways to share information. In order to engage and inform others, podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity as a means of exchanging thoughts, knowledge, and stories. Podcasts are available on almost every subject. There is a podcast out there that you can both enjoy listening to and learn from, covering everything from business to health to technology to science and so much more.


Use Video to Record Presentation

You can be required to record yourself giving a presentation for an assignment, especially in online schools. But what if your computer doesn’t have a camera or it malfunctions in some other way?

It’s fortunate that your smartphone has a video feature. You can quickly and easily capture high-quality video on your smartphone, submit your video presentation, and get feedback.


Keep Track of Your Calendar

Keeping your calendar on your phone enables you to always be informed of forthcoming tasks, appointments, meetings, and other events, even though a durable paper calendar has its advantages. You may avoid falling behind by preparing for what’s coming up by being aware of what’s ahead.

You may also set reminders for yourself using the calendar on your smartphone to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Read Your Books

When you purchase your books digitally, you can easily carry them with you wherever you go. You can read books for enjoyment or to catch up on reading assignments with the Kindle or other eBook apps. You can still utilize a combination of printed and ebook versions if you still prefer the more conventional printed textbook. The popularity of audiobooks has likewise considerably increased.

Nearly one in five Americans, according to a Pew Research study, listen to audiobooks. This survey demonstrates that traditional printed books are still the most widely read, but it also highlights the growing diversity of reading (or listening) media.


Get your Research Questions Answered

You can still contact a librarian for assistance if you are unable to visit the library for a research project. A librarian at Cornerstone is available for a chat by email, phone, or text. You may get your queries answered and start producing a great research paper with just a few taps of your finger on your smartphone. A search engine is only a question away, even if you’re curious about a seemingly unrelated fact or detail.


Set A Timer

Do you find it difficult to concentrate while working on a project for work, school, or at home? You can use the stopwatch function on your smartphone to keep yourself on track. Set a timer for a period of time during which you’ll remain focused on just one task. You have the option to pause or change tasks when the timer sounds. When using a timer, you can put in a lot of effort because you’ll be relieved when the alarm sounds.


Contact Your Professor

There are occasions when you’ll need to get in touch with your professor as soon as possible, whether you have a question about an assignment or will be missing a class night. A smartphone is helpful in these situations because one of its key purposes is communication! You can contact your professor by phone, email, or text when you need assistance, depending on their preferences.

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