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Best 5 Ways to Leverage Instagram Education Ads to Yield Response

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5 recommendations for educational institutions targeting customers through Instagram education ads

Social media marketing has become a vital part of marketing professionals from every industry and especially education as social media platforms are majorly flocked by the youngsters and students. Instagram being one of the most aesthetic and creative applications has attracted about billions of Instagram users worldwide. Besides, Instagram marketing as a totally different phenomenon from other parallel platforms has proved to be a result-oriented one, when done through a special business account. Projecting education advertisements, specifically on Instagram has a lot of advantages and disadvantages which needs to be consciously taken care of. However, Instagram education ads are very common and could be seen in the form of sponsored posts and interrupted stories nowadays. 

Nowadays, marketing strategies are so subtle and creative that before even grasping the concept, people start sharing them and getting influenced, if not convinced. More and more brands are taking to social media marketing for its inexpensive approach. The target audience for Instagram education ads, being the student population, are often glued to Instagram for its interesting content and optimization settings updated every hour by Meta. Students are easy to target on Instagram as more than adults they find a shelter of infotainment in the platform.

Increasing Followers Base

Instagram profiles, especially the business ones, are noticed by Instagram users only when they carry more than a thousand followers. This is a psychology that works with the people who visit the profile, they tend to avoid pages and accounts that are less attractive to “others” as reflected from the number of followers. To increase followers, there are various strategies two of the best are: keeping the existing followers in suspense for a while to let them spread and share their excitement and another is to make lecture videos that have an advantage to make eye to eye conversation with the viewers. 

Content Engagements

 Besides, relevance of contents being posted for the purpose of Instagram education ads, they also need to be engaging. In millennial language, people prefer “relatable” content more than direct selling methods. Meme marketing is another popular way of social media marketing as memes release endorphins and make the Instagram user lighthearted for a while. Therefore, it needs to be kept in mind that to do effective Instagram marketing the meme has to be connected to the education advertisement in some way or the other.

Feed Composition And Consistency

To achieve optimal success having a planned schedule for daily updates based on a specific consistency rate is extremely important to keep the existing base of audience intact and increase reach. Also, the composition of the feed plays a significant role, as much approaching, creative and easy-to-grasp they are, it will help boost that much performance. Using relevant hashtags on Instagram is another way to register the education advertisement with the popular search results. Therefore when Instagram users look into a hashtag profiles or follow them, automatically the respective education advertisements appear. 

Instagram Stories

The viewership of Instagram stories have been exponentially rising since 2020. The new features added into Instagram stories like highlights and links have helped it to boost further. This indefinite storage of stories even after 24 hrs on the feed in a different section have increased the reach and attractivity of profiles. Instagram education ads should not only be limited to the planned or made up ones, it should also be real and unplanned such as capturing and uploading stories of alumni visit, new institutions in the making, and so on and so forth.

Instagram Live

Amongst all other tools Instagram users are tremendously tempted towards live interaction through live streaming of the owner of the account. The tool has adopted manifold new and innovative appealing features such as accommodating more than two people in a live, raising hands, and different sections for questions and comments. Thus inviting guests and having an insightful session as an education advertisement provider can help the Instagram marketing strategies to succeed.

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